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  1. Hi Brogan, I watch you normally on YouTube and have been a subscriber for year now, never commented but have loved Watching your journey over the years. Unfortunately I don’t always get the time to watch so much these days but will still do so when I can. So great to see you so happy with Benji. Anyway, I have a really random question hope that’s ok. Just wanted to ask what shampoo and conditioner you are using now. The reason for my question is I think we may have a similar dry scale sensitivity. When you used to use the OGX macadamia oil shampo I tried this and it was great but OGX don’t seem to make this one anymore. I have tried the boots one you also have used and this one is ok but I have quite fine hair and I find that one flattens my hair too much. I wondered whether there are any other shampoo and conditioners that you have tried that didn’t make your scalp dry and flaky that you might be able to recommend. Thank you and love to you and Benji, Jules x

  2. When are you going to disney world again love watching you on YouTube I are on of my favorites