Disney+ Shows I'm Most Excited For

Disney+ launched in the US three months and has since gained 28 million subscribers, whilst the UK (and a lot of Europe) are patiently waiting with envy as ours is coming March 24th 2020. Coincidentally that's also my birthday, and now I'm considering a Disney+ viewing party that night!?

It's a big deal for Disney fans. We've had DisneyLife for a while which you could argue was a test run for Disney+, but it had so many bugs and I had to delete my account when it got hacked twice. It was so perfect to have almost every Disney film you could want at your fingertips, gone are the days of buying the DVDs! I can't tell you how many times I watched Moana, and I downloaded quite a lot for flights and train journeys. I've missed having that Disney shaped hole permanently in my life, so I'm very ready for Disney+ to arrive. Granted, I don't know which shows will make the list for the UK, but I hope all of these definitely will. Here is the list of my most anticipated shows I'm watching first. (I've also linked the official trailers if you click each name, you can watch more).

The Imagineering Story
A whole documentary series about the evolution of the Disney Parks, rides, cast members, history and exclusive early footage from across the parks, including Walt himself...perfection. My Disney heart is full. This is in at number one for the first show I watch. If only I had Mickey Rice Crispy treats in to watch it with!

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (aka HSMTMTS)
Yes, the title is ridiculous but this looks EXCELLENT. Think similar to Glee. I'm a big HSM fan so I'm pretty excited to see this. I watched the original film when it premiered on Disney Channel, and I can sing you every song word for word. I think I know the choreography to a few songs too, no shame. This series follows new characters in a spin-off where they recreate the original film in their school musical. Genius.

The Mandalorian
Do I need to say much here? This is the breakout hit for Disney+, possibly the most-watched and hugely popular with Star Wars fans new and old. The Child (aka Baby Yoda) has made this even more appealing, but after rewatching all the films recently and visiting Star Wars Galaxy's Edge last year, this is going to be perfect to watch with my boyfriend Benji.

Lady & The Tramp (Live Action)
One of my favourite original Disney films has recently been made into a live-action and I was pretty gutted it never made it to cinemas. Real dogs + a Disney classic that I haven't watched in years? I'm gonna love it. Benji and I are also desperate for a Spaniel, so you know we're going to fall in love with Lady. A lot.

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings
I don't know why but it's quite hard to find episodes easily accessible for Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings and I know it's something I'd absolutely love. Follow couples on their wedding day as they tie the knot across the Disney Parks, Cruise Line and more. My kinda show!

I asked on Twitter which should of the first four should come first and no surprise, the results were as follows:

There's SO much choice but other strong contenders on my watch list include:

Forky Asks A Question
The World According to Jeff Goldblum
Lizzie McGuire (coming soon!)

What's on your watch list? Or if you're already watching, what's your favourite film or Original series so far?!


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