Self-Care Habits I'm Introducing In 2020

Self-care: activities and practices we engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and enhance our wellbeing.

It's officially 2020, and my first goal is to start writing more blog posts. So here we are, with a post! Hopefully a good start but ask me again in December...

I was inspired to write this after watching one of my besties, B (aka, itsbinkybee on YouTube). I value our friendships beyond words (she's truly fabulous), but she recently did a video (watch it here!) about self-care habits and it totally inspired me. I've got my goals but there's a lot of smaller habits and practices I want to introduce into my life this year. 2019 was great for my social life, business, travel and financial goals, but I still have a lot to work on. Here's how I'm *hopefully* going to enhance areas of my life.

Scheduling self-care into my diary
I always thought it was a bit ridiculous to schedule mundane things into my diary but last year I started adding cleaning and admin things (amongst my work) on my to-do list and saw my productivity increase because I actually had to complete the tasks in order to tick them off. It's inspired me to do the same with some of my self-care habits. Scheduling in time for the gym or an hour of reading, otherwise, I just won't do it.

I recently invested in a lifetime subscription to Calm, an app designed for helping you meditate and sleep better. I've been loving the music and sleep stories, but I haven't invested time into meditating. I think 10 minutes a day would be unbelievably beneficial to me. I'm going to try adding it into my morning routine before I start my day. 

Limiting my screen time
I'm not kidding when I say my iPhone regularly reminds me that I've had 10 hours of screentime that day and I spent all of last year ignoring it. "It's my job!" and "I watch a lot of YouTube in the background!" which are both true and do contribute to screentime, but I could definitely limit how often I'm on my phone. Easier said than done for me but I'm going to be more conscious of it this year.

Routines...all of them
There are some things in my life where a routine isn't 100% possible. My work routine, for example, is the same every Monday where I edit the vlog and do all my admin however, the rest of the week can be all over the place. I recognise I need the flexibility to juggle the tasks at hand (which is something I love about my job), but I'd like to work on other areas of my life where I could have a better routine to hopefully have a better balance. This includes skincare, bedtime, morning and gym routines. Waking up at the same time each day, getting 'properly' ready in the morning (working from home isn't as glam as I once imagined!) and when we get a dog, working around her needs for walks and schedules too.

Asking for help with work
Last year was a really great year for my business. I worked with over twenty different brands on paid partnerships, produced almost 100 videos, spoke on five panels, attended many events and travelled to seven different countries (all absolutely amazing!). I loved the rush and enjoy all the elements of my job, but I think 2020 is the year I ask for more help. I'm talking to a company about potentially working together so fingers crossed it all works out and I can start putting all my attention in more content.

Saving little and often
We bought our first house last year which blows my mind and I'm beyond proud I was able to reach my savings goals and make it happen. Getting a mortgage took me back to zero, so I'm ready to rebuild my savings for my tax, emergency fund, pension and holidays! We'd like to get a dog so I've started getting financially ready for our fur baby too. In order to reach the new goals I've met, I'm going to save little and often by setting a reminder on my phone, putting aside the same amount of money at the same time every week. A really healthy habit I hope will stick!

I have a few other goals like getting outside more, pushing myself to cook new meals, being kinder to myself and writing down my weekly gratitudes. I'm hoping 2020 will be as incredible as 2019!

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