Travel Prep + Routine | Holiday Hacks & Organisation

It's the lead up to going on holiday and I always surprise myself with how much life admin I like to complete before going away. This week, I'm heading to California (pinch me!) and I've started writing lists, washing clothes and organising every inch of my life. Without further ado, here's the prep I complete in the lead up to a trip!

The minute the trip is booked
  • Book airport parking and check if we need a hotel the night before
  • Check insurance and purchase new policies if necessary
  • Add Advanced Passenger Information to flight booking (+ select seats)
  • Check visas (if required)
  • Print paperwork + create a holiday documents folder
  • Download apps for relevant hotels, airports, airlines or city guides
  • Check passports are safe and in date

A month before
  • Book in hair and nail appointments for the day before travel
  • Check savings/final budget for spending money
  • Try on summer wardrobe, organise outfits and check what fits/you still like
  • Take luggage out of storage, remove old airline tags, air-out inside and clean over
  • Create a packing list

The week before
  • Purchase currency
  • Wash clothes you'd like to pack
  • Finalise packing list + holiday itinerary
  • Start organising essential items and check if anything needs replacing (eg. travel-sized shampoo etc)
  • Order extra contact lenses
  • Check first aid kit and replenish anything previously used
  • Research restaurant + things to do recommendations

A few days before
  • Charge all gadgets and clear memory cards
  • Start packing!
  • Cut out any tags from new clothing
  • Ironing
  • Purchase any replacement toiletries
  • Buy snacks to take on the plane
  • Tell the bank you're going away
  • Put automatic email out of the office on for dates you're away
  • Download songs, apps, Netflix shows and meditation music to listen to offline
  • Wash make up brushes

The day before
  • Go to beauty appointments
  • Tint eyebrows + shave legs etc
  • Change bedding so it's lovely and fresh when you come home!
  • Empty bins and remove any food due to go off in the fridge
  • Turn off heating and check all windows/locks
  • Add a water bottle in the fridge for your travel journey day (+ pack empty water bottle in hand luggage to take through security)

The morning of
  • Pack any chargers you used overnight/need
  • Double-check you have passports + phone
  • House checks
  • Grab water + snacks

I think that's everything! Did I miss anything? What's in your holiday prep routine?


  1. This is exactly the list I needed! Thank you!

  2. One thing that is essential is a takeaway the night before :) Enjoy California! xx

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  4. I'm going on holiday in a month so I better start taking notes!

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