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I absolutely adore visiting the USA. Growing up, we had a tradition of visiting Fort Lauderdale in Florida for a whole month every summer, where we spent time in a villa and visited the local theme parks. When I was fourteen, my parents took us to New York, and it was the first time I had a real bug for travelling. Seeing those lights in Times Square at 2am was truly magic to me, and I'll never forget being an ultimate tourist with my family as we posed for pictures in front of the Empire State building and Statue Of Liberty. At 21, I did a 21 day tour of the West Coast including LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, San Francisco and so much more. I celebrated 4th July for the first time, and absolutely loved the buzz of mixing cities, beaches and National Parks. Since then, I've celebrated New Year's Eve back in NYC in Times Square, my birthday in the Caribbean and I've been back to Florida twice to my favourite place on earth, Walt Disney World. Now, I'm currently in the process of planning another secret trip somewhere else in the US, which you'll discover shortly when it's booked and planned.

Whilst getting my head around our potential next trip that I'm planning, Visit The USA got in touch and told me about their incredible Trip Planner. It was meant to be. I gave it a go and was so impressed, so I created my Ultimate Dream Trip to America! Initially I thought I was being completely unrealistic however, the planner made the trip suddenly feel possible. I picked 21 days in June, along with several location I'd love to visit (and revist!) in America so without further ado, if money and time was no object, here are a few incredible locations I've got on my wanderlust wish list! 

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If you know me well, you'll be familiar with my love for planning and organising, so the Trip Planner on Visit The USA is golden for someone like me to visually see it come together. However, it would also suit someone who doesn't enjoy the planning side of a trip as much, as you can add your personal preferences, get custom recommendations, and it matches your travel preferences with over 230,000,000 data points! This includes the best places and time to visit, reviews, weather, various transportation options and a few hidden gems too.

When it came to selecting the locations I wanted to visit, I made a list and had over 15 locations I would like to go to one day. Places such as New Orleans, Seattle, Yellowstone National Park, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Atlanta, Alaska, Boston and Santa Monica to name a few. They're all on my bucket list. For the purpose of this post, I selected 7 different locations spanning the West to East Coast, to show how possible it could be if we did a big USA trip one day!

Step 2: Custom The Plan

Next, it's time to make the most of your trip with great tips and logistics. The planner optimises your itinerary including minimizing travel time, checking when attractions are open and it also recommends how much time to spend in each location. For example, I'd love to go to Colorado one day, so I added Glenwood Springs into the plan and changed around the days we'd spend in Denver. 

So, where would I go?!

Location 1: Anaheim, California

What other reason would I be in Anaheim for than Disneyland?! I visited for a day on my West Coast tour and it was everything I wanted it to be. Full of magic, I made a friend for life, I cried and laughed all at once...truly one of my favourite places on Earth. However, whilst working with the Trip Planner, I had no idea there was such a thing as The Disney Gallery! Goes to show just how beneficial the planner can be, if you're open to exploring some of the suggestions it generates. 

Location 2 & 3: Glenwood Springs & Denver, Colorado
The US has some of the best National Parks in the world. I hiked the Grand Canyon and Yosemite previously, and was absolutely blown away. They looked like paintings and the experience was unforgettable. From vast prairie grasslands to the majestic mountains, rushing rivers to desert landscapes, Colorado is unlike anywhere else, and has four National Parks to discover. The planner generated a Thermal Spa in Glenwood Springs which is right up my street, but I also love the idea of River Rafting and Tubing too, or Canyoning at Sunrise! After escaping to the springs, I'd visit Denver. It's walkable downtown features chef-owned restaurants, brewpubs, professional sports, shopping, family attractions, arts and culture, somewhere I know Benji & I would enjoy a lot. Plus, Colorado is high on my list for skiing one day! Home to Breckenridge, I am dreaming of a day I can visit their slopes. 

Location 4: Miami, Florida
Home of South Beach, Ocean Drive and Coconut Grove, this is where I'd get my food, shopping, sunbathing and museums fix! I've dreamt of spending a few days in Miami, so including it on a trip like this seemed like the best way to go. They have incredible Zoos and Aquariums which I'd love to visit, along with the Art Deco Historic District (imagine the Instagrams!). I'd probably have to purchase an extra suitcase at this point for all my new buys!

Location 5: Washington
Time for some history! I've had Washington DC high on my list, as I'd love to visit The White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument one day. I'd also love to explore The Library Of Congress as it's the biggest library in the world. With plenty of museums and places to explore (The National Air & Space Museum is perfect for Benji and I), this is a great destination to add for a few nights. I can't imagine spending more than a few days here, but wouldn't it be amazing?

Location 6: Niagara Falls 
I think this one speaks for itself. I would LOVE to see Niagara Falls. The photos and clips you see in films make it look incredible. I visited Iceland a few years ago and even their smaller waterfalls and natural landscape blew me away, so I'm sure I'd enjoy Niagara just as much. Using the Trip Planner showed me a use Fashion Outlet too, somewhere I'd definitely enjoy visiting and had no idea existed until using the site.

Location 7: Chicago
Finally, to please my love of theatre, Chicago is my last destination on my dream tour. We'd probably squeeze in a baseball game and eat incredible food. The city boasts 25 Michelin-starred restaurants! The planner also generated Cloud Gate as a suggestion, so I had a browse and the photos look amazing. I think we'd enjoy Chicago very much. 

I loved creating this itinerary, it made it feel very realistic and although my potential next trip isn't a big road trip, it will include moving around a big state, so I've actually started another plan to discover some hidden gems I would never have known about previously. 

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Competition ends 04/03/2019.

I had such joy creating this post and now I'm beyond excited for my next trip to the USA! Let me know your top destinations below, enter the competition and be sure to check out more at


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