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I absolutely adore visiting the USA. Growing up, we had a tradition of visiting Fort Lauderdale in Florida for a whole month every summer, where we spent time in a villa and visited the local theme parks. When I was fourteen, my parents took us to New York, and it was the first time I had a real bug for travelling. Seeing those lights in Times Square at 2am was truly magic to me, and I'll never forget being an ultimate tourist with my family as we posed for pictures in front of the Empire State building and Statue Of Liberty. At 21, I did a 21 day tour of the West Coast including LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, San Francisco and so much more. I celebrated 4th July for the first time, and absolutely loved the buzz of mixing cities, beaches and National Parks. Since then, I've celebrated New Year's Eve back in NYC in Times Square, my birthday in the Caribbean and I've been back to Florida twice to my favourite place on earth, Walt Disney World. Now, I'm currently in the process of planning another secret trip somewhere else in the US, which you'll discover shortly when it's booked and planned.

Whilst getting my head around our potential next trip that I'm planning, Visit The USA got in touch and told me about their incredible Trip Planner. It was meant to be. I gave it a go and was so impressed, so I created my Ultimate Dream Trip to America! Initially I thought I was being completely unrealistic however, the planner made the trip suddenly feel possible. I picked 21 days in June, along with several location I'd love to visit (and revist!) in America so without further ado, if money and time was no object, here are a few incredible locations I've got on my wanderlust wish list! 

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If you know me well, you'll be familiar with my love for planning and organising, so the Trip Planner on Visit The USA is golden for someone like me to visually see it come together. However, it would also suit someone who doesn't enjoy the planning side of a trip as much, as you can add your personal preferences, get custom recommendations, and it matches your travel preferences with over 230,000,000 data points! This includes the best places and time to visit, reviews, weather, various transportation options and a few hidden gems too.

When it came to selecting the locations I wanted to visit, I made a list and had over 15 locations I would like to go to one day. Places such as New Orleans, Seattle, Yellowstone National Park, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Atlanta, Alaska, Boston and Santa Monica to name a few. They're all on my bucket list. For the purpose of this post, I selected 7 different locations spanning the West to East Coast, to show how possible it could be if we did a big USA trip one day!

Step 2: Custom The Plan

Next, it's time to make the most of your trip with great tips and logistics. The planner optimises your itinerary including minimizing travel time, checking when attractions are open and it also recommends how much time to spend in each location. For example, I'd love to go to Colorado one day, so I added Glenwood Springs into the plan and changed around the days we'd spend in Denver. 

So, where would I go?!

Location 1: Anaheim, California

What other reason would I be in Anaheim for than Disneyland?! I visited for a day on my West Coast tour and it was everything I wanted it to be. Full of magic, I made a friend for life, I cried and laughed all at once...truly one of my favourite places on Earth. However, whilst working with the Trip Planner, I had no idea there was such a thing as The Disney Gallery! Goes to show just how beneficial the planner can be, if you're open to exploring some of the suggestions it generates. 

Location 2 & 3: Glenwood Springs & Denver, Colorado
The US has some of the best National Parks in the world. I hiked the Grand Canyon and Yosemite previously, and was absolutely blown away. They looked like paintings and the experience was unforgettable. From vast prairie grasslands to the majestic mountains, rushing rivers to desert landscapes, Colorado is unlike anywhere else, and has four National Parks to discover. The planner generated a Thermal Spa in Glenwood Springs which is right up my street, but I also love the idea of River Rafting and Tubing too, or Canyoning at Sunrise! After escaping to the springs, I'd visit Denver. It's walkable downtown features chef-owned restaurants, brewpubs, professional sports, shopping, family attractions, arts and culture, somewhere I know Benji & I would enjoy a lot. Plus, Colorado is high on my list for skiing one day! Home to Breckenridge, I am dreaming of a day I can visit their slopes. 

Location 4: Miami, Florida
Home of South Beach, Ocean Drive and Coconut Grove, this is where I'd get my food, shopping, sunbathing and museums fix! I've dreamt of spending a few days in Miami, so including it on a trip like this seemed like the best way to go. They have incredible Zoos and Aquariums which I'd love to visit, along with the Art Deco Historic District (imagine the Instagrams!). I'd probably have to purchase an extra suitcase at this point for all my new buys!

Location 5: Washington
Time for some history! I've had Washington DC high on my list, as I'd love to visit The White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument one day. I'd also love to explore The Library Of Congress as it's the biggest library in the world. With plenty of museums and places to explore (The National Air & Space Museum is perfect for Benji and I), this is a great destination to add for a few nights. I can't imagine spending more than a few days here, but wouldn't it be amazing?

Location 6: Niagara Falls 
I think this one speaks for itself. I would LOVE to see Niagara Falls. The photos and clips you see in films make it look incredible. I visited Iceland a few years ago and even their smaller waterfalls and natural landscape blew me away, so I'm sure I'd enjoy Niagara just as much. Using the Trip Planner showed me a use Fashion Outlet too, somewhere I'd definitely enjoy visiting and had no idea existed until using the site.

Location 7: Chicago
Finally, to please my love of theatre, Chicago is my last destination on my dream tour. We'd probably squeeze in a baseball game and eat incredible food. The city boasts 25 Michelin-starred restaurants! The planner also generated Cloud Gate as a suggestion, so I had a browse and the photos look amazing. I think we'd enjoy Chicago very much. 

I loved creating this itinerary, it made it feel very realistic and although my potential next trip isn't a big road trip, it will include moving around a big state, so I've actually started another plan to discover some hidden gems I would never have known about previously. 

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Competition ends 04/03/2019.

I had such joy creating this post and now I'm beyond excited for my next trip to the USA! Let me know your top destinations below, enter the competition and be sure to check out more at


  1. Hi Brogan, I love literally everything about you! Your vlogs are my favourite ❤️
    I’m so glad this planner is now in my life, I’m doing a California road trip in October and it’s been a stressful time planning it,
    This website is amazing so thank you for that!

  2. Hi Brogan!
    All your travel vlogs are amazing, you always look so happy!
    I have been to Las Vegas and San Francisco for the last two years and I absolutely loved every second of it and your Blog post has made me want to go back so much!
    To do all of the West Coast of America is a dream and using the visit the USA website is going to make this a lot easier! so thank you!

    Jade x

  3. Hey brogan! You’re such a lovely YouTuber and you’re so down to earth and relatable - that’s what makes me love and watch the videos you make. That, and of course I’m Disney mad! I’ve been to America four times to visit Disney world, but soon I’m going to New Jersey to teach in a summer camp and afterwards I’m travelling for two weeks - who knows where yet! This would be perfect for me as it’d help me figure out where to go and what I can do there. Thanks so much, keep doing what you’re doing! ❤️

  4. This tool is so handy! I've planned a dream trip that starts with the country music scene in Nashville, then enjoying the food and party atmosphere of New Orleans. Then we'd hop to Austin for the BBQ and watch the Formula 1 US Grand Prix. Topped off by a few days in NYC to celebrate my partner-in-crime's 30th Birthday! #WanderlustWish

    @parisianskies (twitter)

  5. Hay Brogan Im really enjoying your vlogs - I found you looking for Disney vlogs a while ago but im hooked on watching every thing now :-) I have just got back from 3 weeks at Disney's Beach Club so I have major Disney blues at the moment.

    Thank you for all you do and making great content for us all to enjoy.

    from Abby
    @abbyfiler on instagram


  6. Hey Brogan,

    Absolutely love your vlogs and have been so helpful in planning my honeymoon to Disney world!


  7. Hi Brogan, what a great website! I am dreaming of visiting more of the East Coast with my family and this will make it so easy. Thanks for the intro. Bridget @ogaziba on twitter

  8. What a great tool Brogan! My brother has recently moved to Nashville and we love to visit but also try and find a new spot or two to tag on to the trip each time to keep the variation! Last year we visited New Orleans which was so much fun, and then down to Orlando! Hoping to visit again this year and explore somewhere new, maybe Memphis!


  9. Hey Brogan,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I love your content and watch your vlogs religiously!, however this one in particular has been most useful!

    Myself and my boyfriend of two years are saving to go to america next year for my 21st birthday! Due to the pure size of America ive found it hard to plan, however this site has been great. We want to do part of route 66 (Las Vegas to Arizona), and this site has showed me the best towns and areas for each destination. Ive been to Florida with my family when i was younger and it was magical! However i now want to visit some other destinations such as the Grand Canyon, Texas and the bright lights of Las Vegas.

    Here is my route (itinerary):

    Thank you again for sharing this.

    @its_elizax (instagram)

  10. My #WanderlustWish list would combine a mixture of exciting places and family time. My partners sister and nephews moved out to America 2 years ago and I have been planning a dream trip in my head that would allow myself and my partner to discover places together whilst also allowing quality time with family.

    Using the Trip Planner makes this trip idea so much easier to visualise and gives great suggestions on what to do at each destination. I have planned a 24 day trip to America as this is not too much time off work and allows enough time at each destination for us to achieve everything we want out of the Trip. We would start out in Washington DC, then take the train down to New York City. After that we would fly to Niceville ,FL to see family and stay for the week. Then to end our trip we would drive down for Orlando and then Miami.


  11. Hi Brogan!

    I really enjoy watching your travel vlogs! From the packing videos to the amazing vlog and to the trip report. It is shown in the vlogs how much time and effort goes into them! I have a huge passion for travelling especially America and I am at my happiest when I’m there! Similar to yourself I used to stay in a villa with my family in Florida year after year and visit The theme parks and beaches and travel to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and key west from here. I have also done a trek America tour with my best friend and loved it from the crazy night in Vegas on a party bus to sleeping in the middle of Yosemite in a tent being trained if we get approached a bear! New York also holds a special place in my heart as that’s where I surprised and took my mum for Mother’s Day. And finally last year my boyfriend and I took a trip to Disney Orlando to re live our childhood! It was incredible. I’d love to visit California Disneyland!

    This planner tool is incredible for our future trips as I’d like to show my boyfriend what I have experienced in America and discover new places to explore myself! He’s also a huge American football fan so he’d love to see Patriots play live and not on tv on a silly hour in the morning ��
    Thankyou ❤️

    Instagram- lucy_scott93


  12. Hi Brogan,

    Love watching your videos, especially your America vlogs 🇺🇸

    Currently planning a trip to the USA for either late this year or maybe even 2020 and will definitely be using this website now, so helpful for planning routes.

    My itinerary: ‘Party in the USA’ starts in New Orleans for some Princess and the Frog vibes plus live music and dancing. Then we’re off to Houston, Austin and Dallas to explore more of America’s south! 🍔🍹💃🏼

    Link to my itinerary here:

    Thanks for the tip!

    Instagram: becca_kennedy

  13. Hello, this would be my dream trip!

    I wanted to start in New York because NEW YORK, it's a must see for me and then after a few days there go to the other side to San Francisco, after watching your trek vlogs I was really curious about Alcatraz so MUST SEE as well. then Yosemite National Park and Santa Monica and finally Anaheim so I can go to Disney! I wish I could make this trip come true!

    My email is or instagram @mariaxspeed

  14. Hi Brogan! I don’t normally read your blog posts as I’m more of a “YouTube” fan but I just see this post and had to pop on over. Glad I did as my boyfriend and I have wanted to travel the west coast for soooo long now and never knew where we would even start with the booking process and this website seems to be just it. Thank you so much!

    Popping over now to make my itinerary!! #WanderlustWish

    My email is

  15. Hi brogan, this is brilliant! How wonderful for you to be working alongside visit the USA! Perfect matching for the organised Brogan Tate and such a great organising/planning tool.

    My trip would look like this!
    Instagram @vickyjones3546

  16. Hi Brogan,
    This is perfect as I’m in the middle of booking a trip to the USA for later this year. First time going with my husband and daughter. I think we’ll be focusing on the east coast and the south, that way we can do a sneaking trip to WDW of course ��
    Such a great tool to use for planning!
    Thanks for sharing #WanderlustWish

  17. This is the best planning tool ever. I have been wanting to go to the states for a long time and my family and I have started to plan a trip for a year or two. It was really difficult to try and pull everything together but this tool makes it so easy! Thanks for sharing.

    I have planned a 15 day trip starting the deep south and ending in Vegas.


  18. Hi Brogan,

    I always love watching your travel vlogs. They always inspire me to explore more and plan new adventures.
    I went to America for the first time last year to Orlando and would now love to visit other parts on America.

    I have always wanted to visit Nigeria Falls and experience New York and Washington close to Christmas time to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights in the city. I was unable to visit Miami during my trip to Orlando last year, but if I could go back, I would love to visit the Everglades.

    Will definitely be using this tool to help plan future trips to America #WanderlustWish

    Email -
    instagram - @rhiannonvigor

    1. Wow I love this! I love that it gives you suggestions for what to do without just selling overpriced excursions. I have been wanting to meet a pen pal who lives in wyoming for years now and this tool has helped me see the possibilities of seeing more of America and making the most of my trip when I visit. Your trip plan looks epic! Here is mine:

      Jessica x


  19. What a brilliant website, not heard of this site before! My partner and I have a dream USA holiday that we hope to make come true in the next few years, so this site could be really useful!

    Our dream trip would take about 3 weeks, with a couple of days in each city. Starting with flying to New York, then Chicago, San Fran for the Walt Disney Family Museum and other sites, Anaheim for Disneyland, LA then finish with a week in Orlando at Disney World before flying home from MCO.

    Instagram: @beanquest_

  20. Hi Brogan,

    I’m an active user of your blog, Instagram and YouTube and whilst I don’t always comment I have to say I love your content. You’re the only weekly blogger I watch, I share your same passion for Disney and travel and I can honestly say that your blogs honestly cheer me up whenever I’m down and I look forward to Monday’s to watch the weekly blog.

    I’m a newly qualified nurse (have been qualified around 18 months now) and I get extremely stressed with work, I have to work overtime constantly to be able to afford my dreams, I’m going to WDW for the first time in September, travelling with TUI and I cannot wait, it’s always been my dream holiday and one for my bucket list as I’d never been able to afford it previously. We’re staying at Caribbean Beach and it’s going to be amazing. I’d always dreamt of being able to go to Epcot, and see the castle at Magic Kingdom (I’m a DLP annual pass holder so I know how magical DLP feels, I can only imagine about the magic in WDW). I’m also a huge coaster enthusiast and would LOVE to add Busch Gardens, Seaworld and Universal onto our list of parks during our two week stay but it’s not looking too possible at the moment.

    I have another travel goal for America which is New York. Who doesn’t want to go to New York? I would love to explore, visit Central Park and my dream is to visit the Bronx Zoo because they do so much for conservation of animals and ethics are there strong point. I love animals, I currently sponsor a Ocelot called Richard and a snow leopard monthly as animal welfare is a huge passion of mine. My favourite animals are Otters and well whilst NYC isnt the Home of the otter I thought I’d put that out there, haha!

    Sorry for the long winded posts but I just got carried away I guess when I was submitting my response. My IG handle is @danieldieter - it’s on private but you can always contact me on my email if it’s easier


    Thank you for the opportunity Brogan.

    Daniel xx

  21. Hi Brogan!

    I'll just start by saying that your videos are fabulous and provide me with lots of travel, organisation and lifestyle inspiration. You also remind me to be positive and confident, so keep it up :-) I went ahead and used the Visit the USA holiday planner tool to create my "If money was no object" #WanderlustWish trip. I am always looking forward to my next holiday and have a long list of places on my #travelbucketlist, many of which are in the U.S. I have been lucky enough to go to Walt Disney World and other parts of Florida many times and it is definitely my happy place.

    My itinerary begins with a flight out of the UK all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana. I see this is destination is on your list too! New Orleans is the setting of my favourite Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. I would love to eat real beignets and experience the rich culture the city is known for. Next stop for me is Nashville, Tennessee to visit the Grand Ole Opry and see some live country music. Then onto the Great Smoky Mountains, to get a little taste of paradise and of course visit Dollywood! I love love love Dolly Parton and this is a personal dream of mine. My trip would end in a pilgrimage of sorts, to Wilmington, North Carolina. Wilmington is the setting of my favourite tv series of all time, One Tree Hill. My dream trip wouldn't be complete without a visit to NC!

    So, there it is! My dream USA trip. I particularly liked the way the trip planner allowed me to customise my route, assisting me to minimise time spent on the road travelling. The tool suggested attractions and locations based on my own interests; a feature I loved. I will 10/10 use the tool for future USA trip planning. Until then I'll keep on saving my pennies!

    Instagram: bec_gdfry

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hi Brogan
    Firstly love the vlogs and the new haircut!

    I loved using this trip planner and have saved it to my favourites for my next USA trip, I'm actually off to Benidorm in two weeks with TUI so after this I'm going to read your Benidorm post for some tips.

    I started with the most magical place on earth Disney World in Florida then put a few fantasy locations based on movies or TV series I love so I've got Chicago, Nashville and Birmingham, Alabama so I can pretend to be Reese Witherspoon for a bit!

    Absolutely loved the features such as reordering the locations in the most logical way, putting suggested number of days and specifying the driving hours between each location. The day by day plan is fantastic as I'm very much like you, love a binder and a plan and would research the heck out of these places before visiting so I love that feature.

  24. Hi Brogan!

    Great post. This Trip Planner is one of the best that I have used for navigation, efficiency and guidance. We are always thinking about our next trip to the States, as it is our favourite destination to visit together as a family. My first trip was in 1997 when I was just seven years old; now I'm closing in on 30 years of age and the Wanderlust hasn't weakened. I planned five different "dream trips", a couple that involved trips to Orlando, Florida, one with my two young nieces who would be the perfect age to make their first magical memories over there and another to the same destination, but a different time of year, as we are actually planning to get married in Orlando (a dream come true)! I also created trips to Los Angeles, New York City, and Las Vegas - three destinations that I have never visited but now have plenty of ideas on how I would go about planning the trips! #WanderlustWish

    Thanks for the chance to win! @AdeleAnkers or :)

  25. Hi Brogan,

    Loved seeing your latest video and how you're packing and gathering items for Majorca.
    I absolutely love travelling and only wish I could do it as a full time job! Hahah.

    But I've created my itinerary here -

    I would go to Boston purely for the history (and to see a baseball game) , Southport in North Carolina because that's where Safe Haven was filmed, Orlando for a bit of Disney, Volcano Bay and Universal, New Orleans for the amazing country music and Colorado for the National Parks!

    So quite a mix of places but that would be my #WanderlustWish.

    Twitter/Insta - @lottgibbons

  26. Hi Brogan!

    This tool is actually super cool, I chose 5 cities; Orlando (purely to return to WDW), Atlanta (so many of my favourite shows are filmed here), Washington DC, Seattle and Los Angeles.

    My destinations are quite far apart but the tool has given simple ways to travel between cities!


    Twitter/Instagram: @lykolx

  27. Loved reading this post in my lunch break, I love using your blogs and videos as an escape from vetty madness! Your recent travel posts, prep and plans have given me some serious wanderlust and travel inspiration. Hope you have an amazing time in Palma.
    l might have got a little over excited with my plan 😂😂

    Instagram handle #travelsofababyvet

    Lots of Love Brogan,

    Jess X

  28. Having done two trek america trips and having been to the US once with family, I've never been on this website before. The itinerary planner seems so useful as I like having an organised plan of each day to minimise stress and worry. I'd love to go back to Florida (Miami and Orlando) as I last went when I was 11 years old, taking a journey through the states towards New Orleans as its the one place in the US that I really want to visit next!
    Instagram- @samm23xx
    Twitter- Sam_an_far

  29. Hi Brogan,

    I absolutely love this tool - it makes it so easy to organise a trip to the USA without the hassle of debating how many days needed in each city or how to go about travelling around from place to place! I have been to America every year since I was born so I love it there and would love the opportunity one day to travel to areas that I have never been to before.

    My trip would consist of NY -> Orlando -> Las Vegas -> Los Angeles -> San Francisco. I really want to travel to both the East and West Coast so that I can really explore the different sights, people and landscape.

    My life goal is to have visited all 50 states so this tool will be perfect to help me navigate my way around the USA.

    instagram: @elena_ippaso

  30. Hi Brogan! I just want to say that I love your blog and YouTube channel. I always watch your videos in my lunch breaks at work – your travel vlogs are great for providing that little bit of escapism when I’m in an office all day :)
    I’m planning a trip to Florida next year but we may be tempted to extend our trip and include other destinations in the USA after using this planner! (I’m desperate to visit Disneyland in California!)

    Lizzie x

  31. This has made me really, really miss the USA - I went for the first time on honeymoon last year and it was amazing. We did a New England road trip during the Fall which was absolutely stunning (autumn in the UK just won't cut it now), then headed to both New York and Hawaii. I think if I was going to go again I'd plan an road trip in on the West Coast, I'd love to see Yosemite too!

    LIFE & LOVES: A Foodie Blog

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