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*This post is kindly sponsored by Dermalex*

When you suffer with dry skin, finding your product saviours can sometimes feel like such a core. I've tried more skincare than I can count, and it's rare that I really fall in love with something. With so many triggers like diet, water intake, weather, stress and pollution affecting our skin, I often get a bit lost on what to use. As I suffer with eczema and an allergy to some fragrances, I am very cautious on what I put on my skin. I know that whatever food I consume in my body or products I apply on top, will ultimately affect how I feel both inside and out.

I lost a bit confidence when I was told by a dermatologist I had eczema. I had a patch test done to determine any cause and it flagged up that I was sensitive to a group of fragrances called Fragrance Mix II. Although I knew this is a trigger for me, my eczema still flares up at random times, in random places, and I had to accept I couldn't cure it. Over time, I've learnt to control my flare ups, but it still makes me feel conscious when I have a rash on my hands, eyelids or severely cracked lips. I also have Keratosis pilaris, patches of dry small bumps on the top of my arms. This stopped me from wanting to wear strapless dresses or gym tank tops, in fear people would stare at my skin.

For the last six weeks, I've been using Dermalex Repair + Restore, a daily moisturiser for dry skin sufferers to treat dryness, itching and flaking. It's recommended for mild/moderate eczema sufferers, in between flare ups, as a daily emollient, to help prevent the return of eczema. This was exactly what I needed, knowing my skincare was doing its job and in turn, allowing me the confidence to go about my day without a flare up.

At first, I really wasn't sure how my skin would react. After all, I'd tried so many things I had almost lost faith that a moisturiser could actually post my confidence, but Dermalex proved me wrong. You know that clean, smooth feeling when you run your tongue along freshly brushed teeth? That's how my skin feels. I've been using it mainly on my hands and arms, and now I carry it everyday in my handbag. In fact, I've got one by my bedside table, and I've already put one aside for my trip to Florida this month too. It's fabulous.

Repair & Restore is a new ultra hydrating daily moisturiser and is supported by over 20 years of research and over 20 scientific publications, something which really helps me build trust with the brand. It has a dual mode of action, locking in moisture as the cream is applied, and it's patented barrier shield recovery complex helps rehydrate the underlying skin cells and strengthen the skin barrier. It's clinically proven to increase days without eczema by up to 50%, has a 98% effect on skin barrier function recovery, and does not contain steroids, fragrance or colouring. Absolutely perfect for someone like me with a fragrance allergy, as I cannot use moisturisers that are heavily scented and likely to cause irritation.

One of the best things about Repair + Restore is that a little goes a really long way! It sinks into my skin beautifully, and I haven't had a single eczema flare up since using it. 

As part of my work with Dermalex, I was invited to London to spend the day with Hayley Hall and three fellow bloggers, to discuss our skin and how we found Repair + Restore. Be sure to watch our video below!

Be sure to check out Dermalex Repair + Restore, RRP £9.99 for 100g / £14.99 for 200g and available in Boots, Superdrug and specific pharmacies. Follow Dermalex on Facebook for more info. 

*This post is kindly sponsored by Dermalex.


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