Visiting My First Pumpkin Patch! | Cat & Fiddle Farm, Christchurch

 Photography: Fraser Mooney

I grew up in a little town called Christchurch. I have many fond memories of visiting an area called Cat & Fiddle, where there's a pub and a pick your own farm. Strawberry picking in the summer here is absolutely perfect, and I'm actually gutted I didn't get the chance to go this year. During Autumn it turns into a Pumpkin Patch and I was in my ELEMENT!

I've never really enjoyed carving pumpkins, but I do love having them as decoration. I don't generally decorate heavily for halloween, but pumpkins are a lovely little addition in my office for the Autumn. My brother and I headed down on a really lovely sunny day, browsed the rows and rows of pumpkins, before settling on 4 different ones. I paid £9.37 for them, but the experience put me in a such a nice mood. If you haven't made the effort to visit one yet, you must!

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