My Top 10 Favourite Rides | Walt Disney World, Florida

Walt Disney World is everything people say it is. It's got the magic, the food, the characters and obviously, the rides. It's a theme park, sure, but anyone who's a Disney fan knows it's much more than that. For me, one of the key elements to help experience the magic is certainly the rides, and having done both California and Paris, I was ready to see what Florida offered last year. I loved it so much, I'm returning again next month with my boyfriend Benji, and I can't wait to experience these rides together! Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my top ten favourite rides across the four parks and two waterparks at Walt Disney World, Florida.

Expedition Everest
I rode this about five times back to back and each time, met someone new who I sat next to. I was giggling the whole time, whilst I ran through the gift shop to go on it again. A little girl said to me "this is my tenth go!" and I was adamant to try and match her, but five or six times got me in the end! The theming is amazing, if you single rider you can get on pretty quick, but if you go through the queuing system, it's so interesting! The 'broken track', sensation of the ride and length makes it one of my absolute favourite rides across all the parks. I even bought the hoodie and pin badge!

Avatar Flight Of Passage
This ride is SENSATIONAL. I saw Avatar when it was released in cinemas and recently re-watched the DVD. I'm so excited for the newer films to come back on our screens. To see the new Pandora 'Land' in Animal Kingdom made my eyes light it - especially at night. The Flight Of Passage ride is no different, it's a unique type of 'ride technology' and genuinely feels like you're flying on a banshee. There's so many little details that made me go WOW! The smells, 3D and even the queuing system (see Jake in the tank!) is amazing.

Quick Tip: If you don't manage to get a fastpass and you have Extra Magic Hours, go for 'Rope Drop', we didn't queue longer than about 20 minutes once the park was open and they let us through. Win!

Toy Story Midway Mania
Who doesn't love a good game?! I rode this for the first time in California, and was absolutely buzzing to be able to try it again in Florida. It's designed like a Carnival, you wear 3D glasses and there's lots of mini games to play against your partner in the same cart as you. Throw hoops, shoot down ducks and join Woody and the Gang for a really awesome ride experience. Plus, meeting Buzz & Woody next door is a great experience too. Easily one of my favourite rides. (I can't wait to see Toy Story Land next month and ride Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Sauces too!)

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this ride, and once again it's in Animal Kingdom (any guesses for my favourite park?) but I was pleasantly surprised when it was similar to Indiana Jones in California. Don't get me wrong, I think the Indiana Jones one is better, but I really liked the thrill of Dinosaur. (The Mummy in Universal Studios is also better and very similar, that's a strong favourite of mine).

ps. That was my genuine reaction in that photo. It was a pretty scary Dinosaur right in our face!

Test Track
I hate to say it, but again, the Cars version in California IS better. I still really liked Test Track. Thrill rides are totally my thing, and the whole experience of designing your car and racing round a track made me laugh out loud. I can't wait to ride this with Benji.

Crush 'N' Gusher
Typhoon Lagoon was easily my favourite Water Park, the theming is amazing! Crush 'n' Gusher is a two-person water ride, where you sit in a ring, one in front of the other, and go up and down a slide. It's apparently one of the parks signature attractions, and I can totally see why! You'll want to go on it again and again.

I had experienced Soarin' just once before in California, but the Florida one was better. You essentially feel like you're flying over different landmarks around the world, but don't miss the different scents too! It's such a 'feel good' ride, and one I'd 100% make time for in Epcot. It uses a 180 degree, 80 foot IMAX Projection dome and aerially captured footage that simulates the graceful motion of a hand glider. Amazing.

Jungle Cruise
This is such an underrated ride! I don't know whether it's just my sense of humour that makes me enjoy it so much, but you sit in a little river boat and go round with a skipper. "During your 10-minute journey, encounter awesome wonders of nature amid some of the world’s most exotic locales." It's good all-round ride for all the family, and perfect for resting your feet when you're a bit tired. Love it.

Na'vi River Journey
What a visually beautiful ride. In comparison to Flight Of Passage, it hasn't got quite the same WOW factor, but it's still up there as a favourite for me. The music and colours are beautiful, I could literally ride it all day long. The animatronic is so life-like too! Let yourself fully immerse in the theming, and don't forget to look up at all the little details. Although it's one of my favourites, don't wait more than 20 minutes for it and if you're picking a fast pass, get FOP definitely.

Kilimanjaro Safari
My final favourite, and the 5th in Animal Kingdom (!!!), is definitely Kilimanjaro Safaris. What better way to see the animals, then to feel like you're on an actual Safari in Africa?! I did it twice  first time in the morning, and again at night. I think I prefered the night one a bit more, I saw more animals and the experience just felt a bit more special, but going in the morning is sometimes easier to spot the animals. Either way, it's definitely one to add to the bucket list, you'll remember it forever.

Other strong contenders which are already at Disneyland Paris, so didn't quite make the cut for me but I still LOVE are: Big Thunder Mountain (My number 1 favourite), Star Tours, Rock n' Rollercoaster, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Epic rides. Close but didn't quite make the cut are also Frozen and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

I also really loved the Tomorrowland People Mover. Not sure it counts as a ride, but it's a great way to rest your feet and see the park from a different angle. I was smiling the whole way round, soaking in the Disney air and just appreciating the fact I was actually there.

There are so many amazing experiences, restaurants and rides at Walt Disney World and I'll be returning next month, so don't miss my planning videos on my YouTube or vlogs coming soon!

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