My Evening Prep & Routine ft. Benenox Overnight Recharge (& Competition!)

*This post is in collaboration with Benenox*

I'm often asked "how do you stay so motivated and organised?", which is a topic I covered recently over on my YouTube channel. I pride myself on being on top of my work, ticking of my to-do list and generally feeling like I have a good grip on things. Life can sometimes through curveballs however, and I can become easily stressed and overwhelmed. With this in mind, I've been taking little steps in the evenings to help me prep for the next day. Especially if I have a meeting, I need to film a video or I'm heading up to London. Winding down the night before and doing a little bit of prep, helps me feel fresh when I wake up the next day. Without further ado, here's my evening prep and routine!

Getting cosy
Candles, incense and oil-diffusers play a big part in the start of my prep. I make my bedroom feel cosy by shutting the curtains, getting into comfy clothes or pjs, pop on my glasses to give my eye a rest from contacts, and remove the decorative pillows from the bed. I like having a bit of background noise and often watch YouTube or play Meditation Relaxation playlists on Spotify. This helps my brain switch off from my working day, and when the mood is right, I'm ready to start my prep.

Organising my outfit
If I know I'm going to London the next day or I have a meeting or event I'm attending, I've been known to try on half my wardrobe and throw it all over the room in a desperate panic to feel good in something I like. Simply trying on and laying out (or hanging on my bedroom door!) the outfit I want to wear the night before, including accessories and bag I want to use, means it's one less thing to worry about when I get up. 

Packing my handbag
I can't be the only one who carries half the world in their handbag 'just in case' I right? I know when I try and pack it in the morning, I always forget something! I use this time to also pop my Portable Phone Charger and Kindle on charge, gather a small makeup bag with some essentials, pop my reusable water bottle in the fridge, organise some snacks and remember handy little things like headphones, tissues and perfume.

Taking Benenox 
Many of you have shared your experiences and benefits of taking supplements, and I can totally see why now. I've recently been taking 15ml of Benenox before bed to top up my glycogen levels, something I didn't appreciate my brain needed, but glycogen help carry out essential overnight repairs. Benenox Overnight Recharge is a combination of honey, Sustamine® and Vitamin B6, which when taken before bed supplements your body's stored energy levels. There's no more waking up due to a ‘fuel crisis’. I wake up feeling refreshed and recharged! I feel less groggy, more motivated and my quality of sleep has improved greatly. With two flavours, Blackcurrant or Lemon & Ginger, I have this by my bed and in my bathroom and it's been my secret little saviour.

Preparing my breakfast!
When life is busy, sometimes just smashing the everyday things can make you feel like a champion. Whether it's getting through the huge laundry pile or nailing a new dinner recipe, it's sometimes the little things that make a big difference. Something Benenox like to call a Little Victory. Mine is easy, I've recently started cutting up some fresh fruit the night before, ready for breakfast the next day. When I'm on the go and running around getting ready, having some fruit prepped to top on my cereal or have with some yoghurt has massively improved the ease of my mornings. I recently discovered I have IBS, and I've been struggling with what to eat. Having my breakfast prepared and taking the time to cut up some fruit in my eyes, is my little victory, and one I'd highly recommend if you're anything like me.

Skincare Routine
I like to keep my skincare simple, mainly because by this point I'm really tired and ready for bed, but also because I've found my skin doesn't like too much. I use a makeup wipe, a hot cloth cleanser and some moisturiser. That's it. I also like to pop on a bit of lip balm when my lips are feeling dry.

Time to rest
Trying to ace your day when you've have a bad night's sleep is a recipe for disaster. It's like running a marathon without trainers! Everything starts with a good night's sleep, so I always make this a priority. Having this routine is great, but I try and be strict and get to sleep before 11pm. I use the app Calm for 'Sleep Stories', make sure the room is nice and dark, and I do some deep breathing exercises to really relax my mind and stop it chatting away all night. Alongside taking my Benenox, this routine and having some Vitamin B6 in my body, has reduced tiredness and fatigue, and helps me feel more energised to I can perform at my best.


As I mentioned, smashing the everyday things can make you feel like a champion. Benenox would like you to share your #LittleVictory on Instagram, include the hashtag and tag them (@benenox) me in (@brogantatexo) for a chance of winning a Spa Voucher of your choice for £150, so enjoy a pamper and day of total relaxation!

T&Cs – Over 18’s Only. Open to UK Residents Only, Closes on 24 August 2018. Winner selected at random and contacted 28th August. Read the full T&Cs here.

Good luck!

*This post is sponsored by Benenox.

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