HelloFresh Rapid Box Review | Veggie Chilli Dinner In 20 Minutes!

*This post is in collaboration with HelloFresh*

Picture this. It’s a Monday. I woke up at 5.30am, said goodbye to my boyfriend Benji as he heads off for work, jump in the shower and made the bed. I’m at my desk at 6am and I have a huge to-do list this week. I make a brew, swap my glasses for contact lenses, and write down everything I need to achieve. I have three birthdays this week, I’m filming three videos, need to edit my weekly vlog, write a blog post for a Spa event I recently attended, approve a new brief that just landed on my desk, reply to my emails, sign for a parcel, buy train tickets for a trip to London next week, look into getting a PO Box closer to home, update my description on my YouTube videos and organise my recipes and taxes for the end of the month. Not to mention the washing, dishes and other chores around the house that need completing. I’m ready!

So when I got a knock at the door at 11am, I quickly realised it was my HelloFresh box and was pretty relieved. I now didn’t need to even consider what I was going to cook for dinner. HALLELUJAH. Ready-meals are not my thing, and I like having fresh dinners made from scratch, especially suffering with IBS. But I don’t always have the time. And I don't mean the time it takes to cook, I mean the planning and prep too. Just thinking about what I want to make, finding a recipe, going to the supermarket and then packing it all away in the fridge can take a huge chunk out of my day. HelloFresh is the absolute ideal solution, and really suitable for some many people, families and dietary requirements.

When the summer comes around, I’m even busier. With more events, drinks with pals and family gatherings happening, HelloFresh fits in easily and conveniently with my plans and I am always about anything that makes my life simper. You can choose how many people you’re cooking for, what recipes you fancy and where and when you want it delivered. Planning a UK staycation? They’ll even deliver to your holiday home. Holidaying abroad? They’ll deliver on the day you return too.

Rapid Box: Deliciously simple recipes in under 20 minutes!
I’ve been using HelloFresh for years, but when I heard about the Rapid Box my first thought was “GENIUS! Exactly what I need!”, but could their chefs really create meals that were as tasty, for a shorter period of time? Yes, yes they could. With handy shortcuts, simplified recipes and specially pre-prepared ingredients, you can rest assured dinner will be on the table within 20 minutes. And the best part is, with minimal pots and pans, there’s minimal washing up to do.

Today I tried the Veggie Chilli with brown rice. Taste is the key ingredient to a great recipe, so they’ve made sure to inject as much flavour into the 20 minute meals as any other beloved HelloFresh recipe. With added garnishes and fresh, quality ingredients, we guarantee you deliciousness. The chilli had smoked paprika, ground cumin, tomato puree and Worchester sauce, so packed with flavour!

What I really love about HelloFresh, is the perfectly pre-measured ingredients. The seasonings came in little pots, so I didn’t have to faff around finding the right tools to measure the right quantities. Even the rice, which is a Tilda brand I recognise too, is the exact quantity (and I always make too much normally!). The rapid recipes always require minimal chopping, but any chopping I do need to do is clearly written on the easy-to-follow recipe cards with bullet point instructions and clever hacks. Once it asked me to use a rolling pin (which I didn’t have), but gave options on using a wine bottle and cling film (things I definitely did have) instead. Genius.

I’m not very experimental with food, so HelloFresh encourages me to try new things I would have never picked from a recipe book. It removes all the hassle of cooking when I have everything I need in one handy box.

So if like me, you’re feeling the pressure of busy life and need a helping hand with inspiration, preparation and easing up life in the kitchen, then HelloFresh is for you. 

*This post is sponsored by HelloFresh.


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