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I recently reached 50K subscribers on my YouTube channel and in celebration and as a congratulations, my boyfriend Benji treated me to something I'd had my eye on for weeks. The FitBit Versa. I started the year with the cheapest, most basic Fitbit and it was great for what I needed. As time went on, it was apparent I was looking for something more advance, and that's where the Versa ticked all the boxes. Here's how I've got on!

Design & Comfort
I'd had so many compliments on my FitBit, mainly from people mistaking it for an Apple Watch! I've got the Peach / Rose Gold Aluminium and I absolutely love it. I was worried pink wouldn't match everything, but it looks really lovely against my skin tone. The size of the face is perfect, and I like the rounded corners. It feels more girly to me than the Apple Watch, and is really comfortable. I wear it to sleep, in the shower, exercising, typing, editing and never notice it. The rubber is really easy to clean (and keep clean!) too.

I originally wanted a FitBit to track my steps, but it's become so much more than that to me. The features I use the most are:

- Sleep Tracking
- Alarm
- Timer
- Exercise Tracker (particularly for Swimming)
- Relax (2 Minutes Breathing Session)

Everything else I either don't use or haven't quite figured out. I know I can use my wireless headphones for music, but I haven't done the transfer over yet. I set up a Deezer account but haven't connected headphones yet. The weather app is handy, but not essential. I like the idea of using the Wallet, but it currently isn't supported with my bank account. I believe it's only Santander in the UK.

I absolutely love the FitBit app and how it shows all your activity. You can see below the exercise I did and how accurately it tracked it, and then how my homepage looks. I also have my weight loss monitored as I have scales which are connected. I like how it also tracks my period too and tells me when I'm due on. 

Battery Life
It comes with a really neat little charger that you slot the watch into, perfect for on my desk or by your bed. The battery lasts around 3-4 days for me. If I have it tracking exercises, I normally get around 3 days on average, which includes wearing at night. I've also noticed it charges really quickly too, I've normally back at 100% within an hour or two!

Exercise Modes
There are 15+ different exercise modes available, I've used Treadmill, Yoga and Swim the most. You can rely on SmartTrack to automatically pick up your exercise (it recongised when I was on a elliptical machine) or you can click start and stop. There's also a 'Coach' mode with on-screen workouts which I haven't used yet but is going to be so handy when I need some support in the gym.

I haven't tried but you can change the strap. I've heard it's not as simple as changing the Apple Watch, but it is possible! You can get different colours, textures and styles of straps these days too.

Customised Faces
If you see the images below, you'll notice I've changed to a more girly floral clock face since getting the watch. You can swap inside the app and it's really easy to do so! It makes it interesting and feels like a new watch when you get a bit bored.

There are so many more features so be sure to check out the website. I absolutely love my FitBit and use it every single day. It's 100% worth the money in my opinion. I can't wait to see our steps when we're in Florida too! If you're interested in getting yourself a FitBit Versa, check out Amazon here.


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