Ellia Rise Diffuser Review

I recently had a gift card from TK Maxx, so I popped in for a little treat. I mooched to the candle and beauty area, which is always a strong favourite when the products change so regularly, I love shopping there. Sitting on the shelf was this Ellia Rise Diffuser, something I've always wanted but never invested in. Originally priced at £79.99, it was £39.99 in TK Maxx, so I decided to give it a go. Diffusers can be used for many reasons, but mine was to scent my office and for helping clear my mind.

I've had a lot going on in this brain of mine, and whilst I'm taking some time off my Weekly Vlogs, I've been trying lots of different mindfulness techniques. Diffusers work by releasing a fine mist of natural essential oil aromas to help you relax and take care of your body and soul. Here's my first impressions!

The product came with two 2ml essential oils, Peppermint and Orange, but so far I've only been diffusing Peppermint. It makes the room (and house!) smell amazing, and I actually quite enjoy the little trickling noise in makes whilst it works it's magic. It almost feel like a mini spa at home. It's made of ceramic and wood, and looks really nice on my desk in the corner of the room.

The Ellia can diffuse for up to 7 hours continuously, or 14 hours intermittent. It also has a colour-changing light, which has been lovely for the evenings. It creates a gentle glow for a more peaceful environment. As well as lights, you can also play music. There are a selection of relaxing tracks, including the sound of waves which I just love. The only downfall to the music, is that it loops on the same song, so you have to manually change to the next one. It comes with a remote though, which makes it easier to control from a distance.

When it comes to oils, I am yet to experiment with what I like and don't like. I've been told Holland & Barrett are the best place to go, but Ellia actually sell some on the Homedics website, which I'm tempted to order.

I wasn't sure if it would be gimmicky, but I've genuinely been loving having a diffuser. It's really help calm my mind and I can't wait to try different scents for different moods. Peppermint makes me feel really uplifted, and ready to conquer the day ahead. It's a lovely addition to my office, and I'd highly recommend getting on if you're anything like me.

I got mine from TK Maxx for half the price, but you can also get this from Look Fantastic here.

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