Schpoonz & Forx Restaurant Review | Bournemouth

I love living in Bournemouth. I shout about it from the rooftops regularly and therefore, often get asked where is good to go, where to eat, where's nice etc. Therefore, when Schpoonz & Forx kindly invited my Mum & I down for a dinner last week, I jumped at the opportunity and said "yes please!". I've been once before for a tasting but never a full meal, so as I'm sure you can imagine, I was very excited. Here's my honest opinion! 

First up, let's talk about how beautiful the venue is. Set inside the Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth town centre, it's super easy to get a bus or taxi, or park in the Winter Gardens Car Park round the corner.

When you arrive, take a left and you'll spot the bar and most importantly, the beautiful lighting. It was one of the first things my Mum pointed out; the industrial looking light bulbs and glowing signs really set the atmosphere. There's a bar, an area to wait for your table and plenty of friendly staff to welcome you. We were seated in a little booth, and walked straight past the chefs who have an open Kitchen. You can clearly see them working their magic, and it even allowed me to ask the chef a quick question about which fish to go for.

As I was driving that night, I asked our waiter for a non-alcoholic cocktail. I didn't mind what, just something sweet and fruity. He presented us with two pinky orange drinks, which we enjoyed so much that we asked for another one. We were given a bowl of Artisan Sourdough Bread whilst we waited for our starters, and the salty butter and super soft loaf was enough for me to gage the quality of the food we were about to eat. The starters are a bit like tapas, you can pick from a selection to share which is perfect for someone like me who's super indecisive! I'm also one of those people who always envies what other people pick, so this style of Starter was really nice. We went for the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Duck Sausage Roll and Braised Fried Mushroom. The Chicken was certainly my favourite. The amount of flavour in all three starters was amazing, my taste buds were buzzing!

Living by the sea is a real treat for so many reasons, but having the ability to enjoy the best of the best when it comes to seafood, is certainly up there. With plenty of choice on the menu, we were a little undecided, but I haven't had a good fish dish in town for a while. So we both opted for the Whole Butterfield Tandoor Roasted Sea Bass and it was DIVINE. Even the skin was nice and I'm normally one to take it off. Crispy skin, perfectly cooked fish that fell off the bone, and coated in Olive Oil, Parsley, Oregano and Lemon. I'll definitely be ordering it again. For the sides, you get to choose! We couldn't pick between mash and fries, so we went for both (the beauty of having choice, eh?), along with a Sautéed Mixed Greens. I absolutely could not fault it.

We had a little treat that was off the menu, as the chefs had been testing some new desserts and had made up a mini tray of four for us. I was so full, I actually struggled to eat them, but the Sticky Toffee was a winner for me. They even gave us custard, cream and ice cream and let me tell you, the ice cream was proper madagascan vanilla. Absolutely delicious. 

It is without fail, that I can say I highly recommend Schpoonz & Forx. The service, the staff, the food, the atmosphere...all 100% worth the price. When the restaurant asked if I could offer any suggestions, I honestly couldn't fault it. They also do Sunday Lunch and Bottomless Brunch, so I'll definitely be bringing my boyfriend in for a date night soon. 10/10.
*Complimentary meal. All opinions are my own.

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