GHD Flight Travel Hairdryer | Limited Edition Nocturne Collection

I've travelled a lot this year. Whether it's been a holiday abroad, a night away in London or just to stay at my boyfriend's for the weekend, I'm constantly on the move. I've got my packing down to a T, including which make up I actually need, and how many t-shirts is one too many, but the item I struggle with the most, is my hairdryer.

Now, a girl and her hair is very important. Especially when you have naturally curly locks like mine. I like embracing my curls and letting my hair air-dry, but sometimes when I'm away, I've actually wanted to dry it. I've always left my hair dryer at home in fear it would a) break and b) be too bulky and c) eat into my luggage weight allowance. I've been on the hunt for a little travel hair dryer, but I'm SUPER fussy, I really need it to be half decent/a little bit more powerful. The hotel hairdryers just don't cut it.

That is when GHD pretty much saved the day. This gorgeous portable hairdryer ticks ALL the boxes. It comes in a purple travel case as part of the Nocturne Collection, to keep it protected and have the wire and plug all together. There's even space to have some mini hair products and bits in.

The hair dryer itself has a foldable handle, which click up and down super easily. There's two speed and temperature settings, going up to 65 degrees celsius. It has universal voltage too, so you can switch according to whether you're in the US or Europe. It's super lightweight, but powerful enough to dry my hair in pretty much the same time as my main dryer. I am completely in love!

If you travel often like me, or are looking for the perfect gift for a traveller, then this is it! I picked it up on ASOS for £59, shop here.

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