Walt Disney World 2017 | My Top 20 Bucket List Must Do's

I'm not going to lie, I still can't quite believe I'm going to Walt Disney World in Florida next month. NEXT MONTH. It's coming round so quickly and everything is booked, paid off, itinerary written, dining reservations in, fast passes secured...we are ready! With the peak of my excitement, I wrote down and wanted to share my Bucket List "must-dos". I'm very open to understanding that I'll never get it all done, but there's a few things I really can't wait to see/do/ride/eat...so here we go! (ps. If you'd rather watch the video with photos of everything I mention, scroll to the bottom!)

1 | Get my 'First Visit' badge
Disney give free badge for all sorts of occasions, whether you're celebrating your anniversary, birthday and graduation, or a big life event, speak to a cast member and you can wear it with pride! This will be my first visit to Walt Disney World (as an adult..that I can actually remember), so I have to get my badge as a keepsake too.

2 | Snacks
The way to my heart is food. And what's better than Disney food?! Each time I've eaten at a park, I've loved the snacks and treats, it's one of the best bits of a trip! Getting a Dole Whip is definitely my number one, I love pineapple and I'm DYING to see what the hype is about. Charlotte tells me the frozen version is yum too but either way, I have got to get a Dole Whip in my belly. Next, I'd love to get some Mickey shaped treats. Mainly for photo purposes because I am a typical blogger, but I love to look of the waffles, the premium ice cream bar, and rice crispy treats.
More recently, I've become obsessed with the idea of novelty plastic pots and cups you can get with your food. I don't know why, I just like the sound of a few. I was watching a video the other day with a girl who had a CINDERELLA POPCORN BUCKET. Yup, the carriage has a little lid which they fill with popcorn, it's AMAZING. Similarly, I'd like to get a cup from Gaston's Tavern, they sell something called LeFou's Brew, a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. YUM.
Lastly, when we visit Be Our Guest, I'll have to get a cupcake to 'try "the grey stuff". Such novelty.

3 | Restaurants
There's a lot of restaurants, table and quick service, that I'd like to try. For breakfast, I've got Be Our Guest, Crystal Palace and Ohana's, perfect for meeting characters but also because they're all so beautiful too. I'm also really excited for Tusker House, you can meet Donald and pals in their Safari gear! And finally, Cinderella's Royal Table, this is going to be an amazing dinner. Do I need a special blue dress for it?!

4 | Rides
I want to ride everything but I know probably not doable. Soooo, these are my MUST dos...Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Expedition Everest, Big Thunder Mountain, Flight Of Passage, Na'vi River Rider and Frozen Ever After. They all look amazing.

5 | Safari
Animal Kingdom looks amazing, and the next few on this list are Animal Kingdom related however, I am so excited for the Kilimanjaro Safari! I've never done anything like it, and love animals, so I can imagine this is going to be a blast. It would be so awesome to do this at night too.

6 | Tree Of Life Awakenings
The Tree Of Life is so beautiful, I can't wait to see it in person! But more specifically, the Awakenings show where they project lights onto the tree is something I know I'm going to love!

7 | Epcot Food & Wine Festival
I'm so keen to drink around the world at the pavilions in Epcot, but more specifically, I want to eat and drink in as many Pavilions are we can! It'll be Food & Wine Festival when we're there, so I'm hoping we can have lots of yummy treats and snacks.

8 | Happily Ever After Fireworks
Although it'll be Halloween when we're there, I believe they still show Happily Ever After Firework Show in Magic Kingdom, which is an absolute must for me. Disney Fireworks are the best I've ever seen...and I saw the Ball Drop in NYC!

9 | Meeting Characters
I love meeting different characters. I'm not too fussed about who I meet, I get excited over any of them, however some that I'd like to aim to see are: Baymax, Stitch, Gaston, Ariel, Talking Mickey (so fun!) and Minnie Mouse.

10 | Balloon Photos In Front Of The Castle
The Mickey shaped balloons they sell on Main Street are so pretty. I'm tempted to buy one for a cute little photo in front of the castle.

11 | Dressing Up For MNSSHP
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...what a long name, haha. Not only is this going to be absolutely amazing, but we get to DRESS UP! This is not normally allowed in the parks but on a Halloween Party night, it is! I have my costume and I can't wait to dress up and take heaps of pictures. Plus, trick or treating and seeing all the Halloween decorations and extras they'd do too.

12 | Ride The PeopleMover
Also known as the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, I really like the idea of going round, seeing the view, grabbing an ice cream and just soaking in all the Disney magic and excitement. Bit sad? Maybe. I'm excited though!

13 | Merchandise
Why is Disney Merchandise to addictive to buy and want? I've written a little list and I'd like to buy the following: Minnie Ears, a Hoodie, Mug, Pins, Plushy and a new beach towel. You can bet I'll be doing a big fat Haul when I'm home. Disney Springs in calling me!

14 | Blizzard Beach Chairlift
I don't know why this excites me, but I'm so buzzing to ride the little Chairlift at Blizzard Beach Waterpark! It just looks so cute! I'm a skier and have been on many in my time in full ski gear, but never in a swimsuit, Disney style!

15 | Summit Plummet
This is on my top Waterpark bucket list. I'm excited for Universal's Volcano Bay too, but Summit Plummet at Disney's Blizzard Beach look awesome. Definitely one for the adrenaline junkie in me!

16 | Tangled Floating Light Photo
I've seen a few people get a photo with the Tangled Floating Lights and I'm very keen to copy. They have them in Magic Kingdom, where you hold a glowing light in the dark, and it really looks like the ones for the film. Love love love.

17 | Disneybound
Disneybounding is where you emulate a character with your outfit. It's meant to inspire you to wear elements that represent your favourite character, and I'm so keen to try this! It would be great if I wore something Ariel related when I meet her for example, she'd love it and I would be a nice little talking point. I might not be very good, but I'm already browsing Pinterest for inspiration.

18 | Shows
There are SO many shows to see at Disney. My number one I've already mentioned is Happily Ever After Fireworks, but I'm also keen to try and see the following: Festival Of Fantasy Parade, Fantasmic, Rivers Of Light, Star Wars A Galactic Spectacular and finally, IllumiNations!

19 | Move It, Shake It Party
How can you go to Disney and not join in with the dance party if you walk past? It's SO much fun, and you just don't care who's watching, age is just a number and dancing and singing along Magic Kingdom is so liberating.

20 | Photos & Time With Charlotte
All of this wouldn't be possible without my chum Charlotte, she's completely on the same page as me when it comes to our plans and is just as excited, despite this being her 10000th trip! We're gonna take hundreds of photos, vlog the whole thing and have the best time together. So Charlotte, cheers to our first gals Disney holiday together!


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