Simple Skincare Water Boost Range & Launch | Brockwell Lido, London

If you've read my blog for a while or watch my YouTube videos, you'll know I am very fussy about my skincare. Understandably, as I have eczema and an allergy to some fragrances. Some brands seriously irritate my skin, to the point I get so fed up spending so much money trying new things. Simple Skincare is a brand I have loved and used for years. Their Micellar Wipes are my favourites by far, I always have a stash of them in my draw (and in my gym bag, boyfriends house, travel toiletries etc!). Over the years, I've dipped in and out of their products, but haven't particularly fallen in love with a new range...until now.

I went along to the launch of their Water Boost Range at Brockwell Lido yesterday, to have a consultation, experience the new products, and meet the people behind Simple. On arrival, they had balloons filling the entrance, with branded taxi's waiting to take us to and from Brixton station! Inside featured a gif booth, breakfast bar, a makeup area and displays of the new range.

I started a personal consultation with two skincare experts from Simple, including Dermatologist Dr Philippa Lowe. She said "if a woman tells me she has dry skin, the first question I ask is: Do you think it is dry or dehydrated?". Funnily enough, I thought mine was dry but turns out, there's a different between the two and mines probably very dehydrated too. 1/5 of consumers don't know the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, and others are unaware of common signs.

Dehydration is the loss or removal of water. Dehydrated skin is a condition which occurs when your skin lacks water.  Whereas dry skin occurs when skin is lacking in oil. So what are the signs of dehydrated skin? Dryness, roughness tightness, dullness and dehydrated lines.  Dr Philippa Lowe went on to explain that "pollution sun damage, stress and temperature changes can all have an impact on our skins' hydration."

After a consultation on skin, I was shown how to incorporate the new Water Boost Hydrating Booster into my makeup routine. After all, skin and makeup application go hand in hand, and a good base is key! I met Simple Make-Up Artist Lisa Valencia, who explained "if skin is dehydrated, makeup disappears so much more quickly. Keeping skin hydrated is essential for a long-lasting makeup base." We mixed the Booster into concealer and my under-eyes looked instantly brighter. If that wasn't enough to convince me that my poor face needed some TLC, we always tried mixing with Cream Blush and wow! I definitely didn't need highlighter. I looked so much fresher.

Before I left, I was kindly given the new products and learnt a little more about them. They all have a unique blend of skin-loving ingredients including plant extracts and minerals, to deliver instant hydration to thirsty skin. They're suitable for dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin types like me. The range's key active ingredient Pentavitin, is a skin identical plant extract that mimics the naturally occurring moisturising agents found in your skin, and has a special ability to bond with skin cells, allowing your skin to build moisture over time. The range contains no harsh chemicals, artificial colours or perfumes.

Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash, RRP £4.99
Made with micelles, clever cleansing bubbles, that gently yet effectively attract make up and dirt and instantly hydrate. Skin is left feeling soft and smooth. I tried this for the first time last night and absolutely loved it. It's very light-weight, with an almost water-like consistency, but it lathers rather nicely and is super easy to use.

Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water, RRP £4.99 (200ml) / £6.99 (400ml)
The formula has been developed to remove makeup and impurities whilst instantly hydrating. The clever micellar cleansing particles glide over skin, picking up dirt and impurities without leaving skin dry or tight. I have tried a few Micellar Cleansing Waters, and this is by far my favourite.

Water Boost Hydrating Booster, RRP £6.99
I've never used a booster in my skincare routine, but I am keen to give this a good go! It's Simple's first booster that enable long-lasting hydrating that can't just be washed away. Use as a hydrating primer, mix with moisturiser or apply as a treatment to dehydration areas.

The Water Boost range is available nationwide from September 2017 however, I've linked some that are available to the Boots website above. (I actually saw them stocking it in the Oxford St store yesterday!) Overall, I'm really impressed with Simple being such an innovation brand, I have such sensitive skin and they're one of my go-to favourites for products I know I can trust. I'm looking forward to using all three of the new range over the next few weeks, especially with this sunshine we've been having!

*PR Samples. Not sponsored. I just love Simple.


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