Friday, July 28

MedSailors: Second Time Round, Solo! | Croatia Sailing 2017

How has a year passed so quickly?! HOW? It felt like yesterday I went to Greece with MedSailors, and the minute I landed back in the UK, I knew it wouldn't be my last trip. This post is very kindly sponsored by MedSailors, and I'm proud to be working with them again. I went as far as naming Greece 'a trip of a lifetime' and was so eager to go again, that MedSailors invited me back to try their Croatia Discovery route. Only this time, by myself!

This post is very photo heavy, I had over 500 photos and I shared over 70 on Instagram, I think that in itself speaks for how good it was but I've narrowed down my favourites, along with my honest thoughts and feelings about the trip. Read on to see what I got up to in a week!

Thursday, July 13

Simple Skincare Water Boost Range & Launch | Brockwell Lido, London

If you've read my blog for a while or watch my YouTube videos, you'll know I am very fussy about my skincare. Understandably, as I have eczema and an allergy to some fragrances. Some brands seriously irritate my skin, to the point I get so fed up spending so much money trying new things. Simple Skincare is a brand I have loved and used for years. Their Micellar Wipes are my favourites by far, I always have a stash of them in my draw (and in my gym bag, boyfriends house, travel toiletries etc!). Over the years, I've dipped in and out of their products, but haven't particularly fallen in love with a new range...until now.


Monday, July 10

DKNY Nectar Love Perfume Launch | Ham Yard Hotel, London

On Wednesday 5th July, I was kindly invited to the Ham Yard Hotel in London for Breakfast with DKNY, to see and smell their beautiful new perfume, Nectar Love. On arrival, not only could you smell the scent itself, but so many fresh flowers! They had a little ice cream cart, hair braiding, a flower wall, photo booth, flower crown making and little afternoon-style tires of breakfast treats. The sun was shining and even at 9.30am, it was so warm.


Tuesday, July 4

Skincare Saviours | Summer 2017

I'm very fussy when it comes to skincare. I have very dry, eczema-prone skin, alongside an allergy to Fragrance Mix II - a group of perfumes added to products to make them smell nicer, which a dermatologist has pinpointed as the cause of my eczema after we did a patch test a few years ago. It's very rare I try new products, and have become very loyal to these ones in particular, my skincare saviours!


Monday, July 3

sketch Gallery, Afternoon Tea | Mayfair, London

She won't admit it, but my Mum is one of those people who's really hard to buy for. Although she likes the little things in life, I'd call her a lady of class. She often enjoys the finer things and has quite a particular taste when it comes to gifts. This year, I thought I'd save myself the worry of getting it wrong, so pitched the idea to my brother about taking her for Afternoon Tea. Sometimes, an experience is much more valuable. She's not really a Spa Day kind of lady, and we've done a lot of the restaurants in Bournemouth already, so it was a no brainer to take her two hours on the train to London for a nice afternoon out. She's seen and heard of sketch before, but we've never had the chance to get it organised. Three weeks prior, reservations opened up and I was able to book into the Gallery of sketch in Mayfair.

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