MAC Cosmetics & Disney Theatrical Makeup Masterclass | #DisneyXMAC

If you're an avid reader of my blog or regularly watch my YouTube channel, you'll know MAC Cosmetics and Disney are two of my favourites brands. Ever. I've been a loyal customer of MAC since I started out with makeup (many moons ago!), and am the first to admit I'm still very much learning how to contour, blend my eyeshadow, shape my eyebrows and apply my lip liner. Any opportunity I'm presented to learn about makeup...I'm there! So when Disney Theatrical Productions invited myself and a bunch of fellow bloggers down to the Prince Edward Theatre last Saturday, I jumped at the opportunity. In collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, the Official Makeup Partner at The Lion King and Aladdin, we were able to explore and celebrate the variety of makeup styles and techniques used both on and off stage. Honestly, it was an experience I won't forget, and it completely exceeded my expectations.

The makeup master class was held on the main stage at the Prince Edward Theatre, led by four of MAC’s Senior Artists, alongside makeup artists from both The Lion King and Aladdin. Together they showed how some of the iconic character looks from Disney’s stage productions are created, and how these can be adapted to everyday, wearable looks.

Without further ado, let's start with Aladdin!


Glitter and gold. More glitter. More gold. Genie has two looks in the show - he starts with a simple look for his first appearance in the opening scene, before showcasing this incredible gold glitter, pink blush and strong brow in the first scene where he meets Aladdin. Trevor told us that in his day-to-day life he has gold glitter everywhere, all over his iPad too. He takes showers between double show days, to watch it all off and have it applied all over again. His makeup artist dusted glitter all over his head, it was so wonderful to watch her at work!


Despite walking away from the day feeling super inspired and ready to be a bit more experimental, I can't promise I'm going to be recreating this look any day! However, how beautiful is this?! The make up artist started with her eyes, and created a strong black liner on the lids inspired by genie's eyebrows. Big lashes, blue lips and hot pink shadow...shall I try and recreate when I'm in Walt Disney World?!


Meet Jade, the beauty that is Princess Jasmine! She was flawless without any make up, but the look to transform her into a real life Princess was by far, my favourite. Her eyeshadow was a soft purple and
gold, with gorgeous glossy lips. I loved the lashes they added, along with a pretty natural blush. Jade was incredible on stage, her voice in 'A Whole New World' made me cry, so it was very special to meet her beforehand.


I don't think this does justice on camera to be honest, this makeup was absolutely gorgeous. The MUA used a Paint Pot in Rubenesque, which I was kindly gifted in my goodie bag and can't wait to use myself. She also dapped on Party Line Lipstick, it made such a subtle lovely shade, I love it! This gorgeous lady goes on stage as Jasmine when Jade is off, she was warm and friendly and you could tell how much she loves working on Aladdin.



I adore The Lion King. The film, the music, the story...everything about it fills me with joy. I saw the show about four years ago and still hold fond memories of feeling completely speechless at the production. I was pretty much in ore watching the MUA's bring Nala and Rafiki to life, and was amazed when they said they have around 10-20 minutes turn around to create these looks. When you see the show, you honestly get lost in watching them as an animal, rather than an actor.


Inspired by the earthy mud and turmeric tones for Nala and the other Lion characters, this bottom look was stunning against this actress' skin tone. The little white dots resembling Nala were really wearable, another look I'd actually really love to try, or even attempt Disneybounding when I'm in Florida. I loved the blue liner they used on the waterline for the first look too, it was so pretty!

There is such an art to makeup, particularly for the Disney Theatrical Shows. I was extremely impressed with the skill and inspiration behind both Aladdin and The Lion King. Huge thank you to Disney, MAC Cosmetics, Prince Edward Theatre and Corner Shop PR for bringing me behind the scenes, I still can't believe I even got to stand on the stage!

Check out my vlog from 20:06 for an even closer look at our day. Don't miss my review of Aladdin The Musical coming soon too!


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