bettybox Monthly Period Essentials! | April Box Review 2017

I love subscription boxes. The element of surprise makes opening them feel like your birthday or Christmas, and is a great way to discover new brands, products and items you may not have picked up or bought otherwise. I haven't had a beauty or skincare subscription box for a while, as to be honest, it felt like a bit of a luxury I didn't necessarily need. That was until I discovered bettybox!

The bettybox is a specially tailored box with all your monthly period essentials. You can choose the type of period products you'd like, from pads to tampons or a mix of both. With a choice of several dates to match roughly around the same time as your period, it arrives with all your essentials, plus a range of beauty products from top brands and sweet treats for that much-need pick me up!

In this month's April box, I received the following:

→ Bakedin Belgian Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix
→ So...? Body Mist (Watermelon, White Petals or Vanilla Milkshake)
→ Punky Pins (Pizza, Flower or Peace Sign)
→ Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant
→ New CID Cosmetics i-Fix Pencil
→ So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil
→ Choc Affair Easter Bunny
→ Beauty Papier Green Tea Blotting Paper

I have to admit, I was a bit over-the-moon when I saw a pin badge in there! If you follow my YouTube and watch my Weekly Vlogs, you'll know I collect pins! I tried out the brownie in a mug, it tasted absolutely delicious, and my favourite item was by far the White Petals So...? Spray! I throw it in my gym bag and it's so fresh and perfect for spring.

This is actually my third bettybox and so far, I am genuinely really loving it! I look forward to it every month; it saves me loads of hassle of purchasing my period products at the shop and always makes me feel good. I adore the little draw string bag the products come in, it's perfect for my gym or handbag. 

The box is cleverly designed with items for day and night, alongside all your extra goodies. I've had things from brands such as Burt's Bees, Lottie London and even Betty branded socks to name a few! I adore the design and colourful packaging, bettybox really are fab.

I've actually shared a video on my YouTube channel all about Periods and more on Betty, so be sure to check it out below! In the meanwhile, browse and discover more on a subscription box here!

*This post is kindly sponsored by bettybox.

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