Friday, March 31

bettybox Monthly Period Essentials! | April Box Review 2017

I love subscription boxes. The element of surprise makes opening them feel like your birthday or Christmas, and is a great way to discover new brands, products and items you may not have picked up or bought otherwise. I haven't had a beauty or skincare subscription box for a while, as to be honest, it felt like a bit of a luxury I didn't necessarily need. That was until I discovered bettybox!


Friday, March 17

Eeeekkk, I'm In Blogosphere Magazine!

I'm quite good at keeping secrets, but this one I really had to keep quiet for a little while! I can now finally share...I'm in issue 12 of BLOGOSPHERE MAGAZINE! YAY! *jumps with joy*

Blogosphere is a quarterly, independent print publication that ships worldwide. Available to buy online and in selected stockists, it's magazine for bloggers, by bloggers! It's extremely high quality, full of incredible content, covers a variety of topics, and I've been eager to have a little space inside for a while. So when the lovely team approached me and asked if they could interview me for the next edition, I was genuinely expecting a tiny little corner of a page but alas, I got the whole back page! Whaaaaat!

I've had my face and name in Cosmo Magazine before, and a piece in my local Daily Echo Newspaper, but this is my first full magazine feature, and as I'm sure you can imagine, one I'm very proud of.

I've been making videos and writing my blog for almost six years, and every achievement feels as good as the last. Every milestone I hit and every opportunity that comes my way sometimes feels completely impossible, until it actually happens and then I sit back and think "hey, anything really can happen if you put your heart and mind to it!"

With the gorgeous Dina Tokio on the front, it's a real honour to be part of the issue, and I'd like to thank the whole team at Blogosphere for featuring me. This is definitely one for the coffee table!

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