Citroën C1 | The Perfect Urban Car

The Citroën C1 is such a perfect little car. Despite it's size, it's fun, really comfortable and has never let me down. Having owned a C1 for years now, I feel pretty confident in sharing this review for you.

Before we begin, let me share a quick back story.

When I turned seventeen and learnt to drive, my first car of a choice was a C1. I looked at lots of brands and styles but chose the C1 for it's neat little size (especially for parking!), style, comfort, fuel efficiency and other general low costs like insurance and no road tax.

6 years later and I'm on my THIRD C1. That's right, I've had three.

I got my first one on a two-year finance. Once the two years were up, I turned nineteen and upgraded my white one (see a pic at the bottom of this post!) for a grey version with alloy wheels and a bluetooth system, it was beautiful. I told the salesman in Citroën that I thought I'd be bored of the same car after 4 years, and there was no way would I want another C1...

...Yet there I was, two years later, in the garage upgrading it again. This time, Citroën had made some mega improvements and I was instantly sold. There was no other competition for me. The C1 had my heart and it was time to upgrade! I picked the 5 door 1.2 PureTech Feel, in a new blue colour, with a mini-convertible roof (aka the Airspace), with a three year finance deal because I adored it so much.

The Citroën C1 is known for being a car of bright, original styling. I was quite particular about the colour of mine however, and wanted a sleek blue with black contrasting, silver dashboard, and pin stripe seats. The blue colour continues between the windscreen and side windows. As a final touch of modern, urban chic, it is also available with 15’’ alloy wheels.

There are eight eye-catching body colours to choose from, including Blue Lagoon and Lipizzan White, and LED daytime-running lights. The vertical lights on the front create an upbeat, hi-tech light signature that showcases the car's style and innovative character.

The dashboard is designed in clean, uncluttered lines, and has a 7 inch touch-screen system built in. I make calls and play the radio and my music via this, with some newer models having navigation connected for maps too.

The Airscape soft-top is great for the city and available in 5-door versions. It was a no-brained going for this option for me! The exceptionally large top is made of canvas and has easy-to-use opening/closing controls. It's never leaked on me when it's rained, and I've never had problems opening and closing it. During the winter, it's absolutely fab having it open and driving by the beach. I've seen lots of other people in Bournemouth do the same.

Designed to make everyday life easier, the functional 780 litres boot is easy to access, with the parcel shelf lifting out of the way when the tailgate is opened. The back seats easily fold down too for extra space. I can get all my food shopping, clothes shopping and bits and bobs in here, but store a blanket, de-icer, scraper, cleaning clothes and a first aid kit where the spare wheel is nicely hidden under the boot. 

The car also has a range of features available that are designed for extra comfort, including air conditioning, height-adjustable driver's seat and multiple storage compartments.

Road Holding & Safety

The C1 delivers a really enjoyable driving experience on all types of road, with great suspension and comfort whatever the circumstances. I honestly believe it is one of the most versatile and compact city cars on the market. With six airbags as standard, (front, side, curtain) and an ESP system that keeps it on course if it loses grip, I never feel unsafe. Fitted as standard, the hill-start feature can be very useful in Bournemouth town centre or when leaving an underground car park, as it holds the car steady for two seconds for an easy start on slopes. Due to it's nifty size, I find the car really easy to park too.

It terms of price, I paid an upfront deposit with a monthly fixed fee. At the end of my finance, I always get the choice to either upgrade to a new model (part-exchange) or pay the 'balloon payment' to keep the car, which I hope to be the plan by March 2018, as I've previously exchanged my last ones.

My insurance is around £200 a year, which is really low for a 22 year old with 4 years no-claim bonus. A full tank of fuel is around £36, which honestly lasts me ages. Sometimes up to two weeks! There's no road tax, and I don't pay MOT as it's a new car. It goes for a service after the first year or once it's done 10,000 miles, which costs around £200. I have Citroën roadside assist, where I can call a number and someone will come out to me! I've needed this once when my battery failed, and it was replaced and fixed really quickly.

I love my car and I love to drive. I've done 12,000 miles in two years and took it to Watford recently, the further drive I've done with total ease. If you're looking for a nice little Urban Car, maybe your first car or a run-around with kids, then then C1 is for you.

If you're interested in discovering more about the C1, visit here.

Rounding up this post with a picture of me back in 2011, aged 17, with my first C1. 
My pride and joy!
*This post is kindly sponsored by Citroen.


  1. Such an adorable wee car!!
    I actually drove past a C1 earlier today and I love how the shape has developed over the years, they look so much bigger now.
    I'm on my 2nd C3 and still love my Citroen too, such comfy wee cars :)
    Beaut photos in this post!!!
    Gillian  xx

  2. I really like the newer C1s - especially the airscape! I have a fiat 500 but their convertible version is ridiculously prices, I might switch to Citroen next! x

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