Sunday, December 18

Things I Like About Being Single

Before I begin, I love being in a relationship. I love being in love. I love having that connection with someone. The chase. The good morning texts. The chemistry. The dates. Ahh, it's like real life magic.

But I also bloomin' love being single. This might come down to me also living on my own but hey, single life isn't as bad as society sometimes makes us feel. I actually think it's really healthy to have some time to be single.

Dating isn't so bad
I've been on a few dates this year. Some good, some bad. My most recent date was at a really cute little restaurant, with live music, fairy lights and great food and wine. We spoke for hours with no awkwardness, and it was really enjoyable. I also played mini golf with someone, which isn't something I would have normally arranged with my friends or family. Dating can bring an element of fun to your lifestyle, even if it does seem daunting! At the end of the day, if there's no chemistry and it's really awkward, you just don't see them again.

Save money/spend it on you
When I'm in a relationship, I've noticed that I generally spend more money on days out, holidays, and meals etc. Even buying gifts for their birthday or our anniversary...and don't get me started on Christmas, especially if you buy for their family too. Although it's all lovely, being single means you can either save some dollar, or treat yo'self instead. Because no one deserves another lipstick or new pair of shoes more than you. 

Living alone!
When it comes to being single, living on my own is truly great. I imagine I'll meet someone and live with them one day, but will most likely look back on this time of living alone. I'm a starfisher in bed and like taking up all the space. I like not worrying about what meals we're going to have each night. I like not having to share my Dairy Milk! Or my personal space. It's pretty nice. For now anyway.

Focus on YOU things.
Being in a relationship means you make sacrifices and often have to work around each others schedule to spend time together. I don't need to worry about this right now, my evenings are ALWAYS free! I like having time to focus on me things, work on my blog and spend time with my mum and friends, things that drop in my priority list naturally when I meet someone. 

No arguments or drama...
...until a guy you're dating screws you over. Again. Pros and cons to everything, eh?
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