YouTubers I've Enjoyed This Week

I love YouTube right now. I've cancelled my Netflix subscription and I spend most of my free time watching vloggers. My friend Megan came over earlier in the week, and we went through my subscription feed to recommend some great vlog channels for her. So I thought I'd continue sharing the love in this post. In no particular order, here's the videos I've liked a lot this week.

I absolutely love how Lucy edited this. The text over the top is really nice. Plus, how good does her Thai Green Curry look? This is by far my favourite of this style of video.

I don't have a child who I'm going to introduce to a partner, hell I don't even have a child! Hahah. But I absolutely love Louise and hearing her thoughts on how she parents Darcy, and approaches sensitive subjects like this. She's a fab human and a great mum. This was just lovely to listen to.

I found Monica when I was off work ill this work, after getting into a dark YouTube hole of 'how to travel and work'. How amazing would it be, eh? Monica is such a cool, easy-going gal, and makes daily vlogs, based mainly in LA but travelling all over the US.  She's kinda like a female Casey Neistat. Instantly clicked subscribe!

If you're not already subscribed to Charlotte then HELLOOOO where have you been? She's one of my closest IRL friends too, and I might be biased, but her weekly vlogs are one of my favourites. She's a huge Disney lover too, so if like me you adore Disney, Charlotte's ya girl.

I love Becca. This vlog was so lovely to watch, NYX really spoilt them and hosted what I can only described as the ULTIMATE blogging event (super jel). Her little pug Rupert melts my heart, and I love see what they both get up to. A real, genuine girl, with a big heart.

I love the Luxy hair channel. I've been feeling super uninspired to do anything but put my hair in a pony or bun recently, but watching this made me want to re-create it. It's rare I watch tutorial style videos anymore, but I'm a huge fan of this channel.

Bianca is a babe. She's another close friend IRL, but YAY, her weekly vlogs are BACK. You can't help but love B. She's super hard-working, always keeps it real, and I love how it's 30 minutes long too. Perfect for listening to when getting ready in the AM.

Okay, I'm going to stop there today but I've got tons of other favourite YouTubers, so let me know if you'd like me to this again in future!


  1. I love Sprinkle of Glitter, Charlotte and Bianca; they are all amazing girls to watch :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I love Monica and Charlotte fab babes!! Plus oh my gosh you cancelled Netflix :0 - luckily I don't pay for mine I use my boyfriends Mums account haha :)

  3. Love Lucy Moon's videos always so creative. Haven't heard of some of these, so will have to check them out!

    Hannah | Oh January

  4. I too love watching youtube videos during my spare time and I especially love watching vlogs including yours, Ben Brown and FunforLouis!

    Great post! Will definitely be checking all of these out! xx

  5. Ah thanks for these! I've been looking for some new weekly vloggers to watch. And I'm dipping my toe into the weekly vlog pool myself! xx

  6. YouTube seems to be all I watch at the moment too! I love your weekly vlogs, and thank you for this post I will definitely have to check these YouTube channels out. I was loooking for some more channels to get addicted too!

  7. I'm definitely interested in hearing more of your YouTube favourite vloggers, I ended up subscribing to Bianca because you mentioned her in one of your weekly vlogs and I really enjoyed her videos �� My fav vloggers are you, OKbaby (I would highly recommend checking them out) KKandBabyJ (also highly recommend them) AlishaMarieVlogs , Anderz , JDRmakeup, and then if you like family vlogs like me there's Jesssfam, 2011teenagemom, britneyandbaby, and caseyneistat is my all time fav his New York vlogs are goals ���� can't wait to see your video in New York I'm so jealous! �� Xxx