4 Apps & Codes You Need

I'm sharing the love today in the form of...discount codes! Now, I'm not going to pretend that this won't help me, because if you use my codes I also get a reward in return however, here's a bunch of really helpful codes I often share on Twitter and in the description of my YouTube videos, and now I can direct people into one place instead. (This isn't sponsored, anyone can download these apps and share a code of their own!) So, whether you need a hotel, a taxi or dinner, these are apps and websites which I can't live without, and will save you some money too.

1 | Airbnb
I've booked two stays in the space of the last few weeks using Airbnb. One is for work in Milton Keynes in February, and another was for a weekend in London. Get £25 OFF using: broganm

2 | Deliveroo
I appreciate not everyone has Deliveroo in their area but I have to admit, they're getting pretty good at expanding to new locations! If you've never used Deliveroo, it's the best takeaway app for meals. Handy if you're staying in an Airbnb too. Get £10 OFF using: broganm0668

3 | Uber
I adore Uber for getting around London. It's just arrived in Southampton too, perfect for events and shopping trips to the city. You can ask your driver to pick you up exactly where you are, track them as they arrive, and then pay super easily via PayPal/card. No need to worry about cash! Get your first ride free (up to £10) using: 0z924

4 | Hotel Tonight
If you don't fancy Airbnb and would rather a hotel, I just used Hotel Tonight, an app designed to find a hotel a week prior for really good prices. I just found one near Kensington Palace for the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards, with a swimming pool and breakfast, for £87 a night. BARGAIN. Get £15 OFF your first booking (£90 min room charge) using: BMOONEY23

I've got a few more like this so let me know if this is helpful and I'll do it again! For now, huge thank you if you use my codes, it helps me a lot as I'm using these apps all the time too!

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