YO! Sushi Launch | Bournemouth

I've never really liked sushi very much and the last time I went to YO! Sushi, I didn't like the dishes I randomly and awkwardly tried amongst the group I was with. So when I was kindly invited to the launch of the Bournemouth YO! Sushi, I had low expectations that I'd like it, but was curious to go along, check it out and try again. I'm so glad I did, because I absolutely loved it.

It's conveniently located on Westover Road near the EE stores and bus stops. I thought it would be quite small, but there's plenty of booths of 4 next to the conveyor belt style plates which go past you. 

First of all, can we start by talking about how good the website is?! I really wish I'd checked it out before. If you haven't eaten here, you've gotta check it out. It has all the dishes, pictures of what the food actually looks like, descriptions, calories and even what it 'goes well' with. Love it. 

Above is the section of dishes I loved the most. Ramen Noodle Salad is so tasty, chicken teriyaki (and chicken katsu) are my favourites and finally, Saba Nigiri with mackerel with spring onion. I might have had two.

For dessert, my absolute favourite was Custard Dorayaki, a classic Japanese pancake with a custard filling and little jam sauce on the side. Again, I might have had two of these too. No shame.

We also got to try a Cherry Cocktail too. Oh my goodness. Delicious.

I actually really like the style and layout of YO! Sushi, it's great with friends as you can pick a bit of what you want and pay per plate. Prices vary from store to store but the above is the current Bournemouth prices.

Before I sign off, it goes without saying that the staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable too. You can see the chefs preparing, cooking and handling the food on the other side of the conveyor belt too, so I cheekily leaned over and asked a couple of questions, which wasn't a problem at all.

There we go. One very impressed new sushi convert. I'll be back!

*This post is not sponsored. I was kindly invited to the opening launch of the new store in Bournemouth however, I was not asked to write a review. 

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