Sunday, October 9

There's No Place Like Home

Jumper & Bomber Jacket - Primark | Jeans - New Look | Shoes - Converse

I don't know what it is about the beach, but it is so calming. Especially at this time of year. I love seeing the sea completely flat and calm, no sudden movements, only the seagulls swimming. But I also love when the sea is really rough, with rolling waves crashing into shore. I love that sound too. Waves crashing. Although the sand sticks everywhere and spends a large (unwanted) portion of time in my bed, there is nothing quite like the feeling of walking with sand between your toes. The beach is one of my happy places, and I live within two minutes walking distance to one. It's so damn special, no words or photos will do justice. 

But Bournemouth doesn't just have a bloody brilliant beach, we're a short distance from the New Forest National Park. Apparently, William the Conqueror set aside the Forest for hunting more than 900 years ago as his 'Nova Foresta'. It's now full of ponies, forestry and long windy roads. It's perfect for picnics and fresh air. I went to college here because I like it so much. Not only that, Bournemouth is just two hours from London. It's a super easy direct train going via Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke and straight up to Waterloo. Easy.

I never went to Uni but Bournemouth has two pretty awesome ones, which also means our nightlife isn't too bad either. For a small town, our AFC Bournemouth football team are in the Premier League too. Not bad boys, not bad.

On my way to work earlier this week, I saw a guy in a wetsuit running down the hill carrying his surfboard, California style. It was then I thought "I love where I live", not just because of the hot surfers (bonus!), but because it's cool. It has everything I could want and need and for that, I'm really grateful. Will I ever move away from Bournemouth? Probably not. There's really no place like home.

ps. Huge thanks to my mum for being my photographer. Who knew she could take photos?!
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