Hub Hotel by Premier Inn | Westminster, London

HOORAYYY! I've officially found a hotel which is super modern and my kind of affordable. I first heard about Hub Hotels via Twitter, having discovered the first one opened in Covent Garden in November 2014. There are now five in London and Edinburgh, with 10 further sites secured due to the success of the concept so far. The aim is to provide stylish and affordable accommodation, in great locations, with seamless use of technology throughout. I'm not going to lie, the tech controls in the rooms sold it to me, but I quickly discovered there is much more to a Hub Hotel than just the technology...

The room is quite small but it's perfect for central London. The first thing I noticed was the duvet rolled up on mattress with a note explaining it was a 13.5 tog, wool filled duvet, cleverly designed to regulate your body temperature. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Clever. The pillows are 'deep-sided', designed to give the best neck support for the ideal sleeping position. Finally, the mattress is Hypnos sprung, with over 1000 pocket springs. It's what dreams are made of. I slept like a baby.

The shower was a winner. It had two heads, one was more of a 'normal' style shower, and the other was a big 'rainfall' style. The bin was neatly tucked away under the sink, and the hand and body wash smelt of tea tree oil. Gorgeous.

On each side of the bed are the controls. But you can also link the control to an app on your phone, whichever you prefer. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it however, I was able to customise the heating and lighting. The 40" Smart TV was amazing. It said "Hey Brogan" when I came in, let me sink my Spotify AND had MOVIES! Recent ones too! I watched Zoolander 2 before falling off to sleep. Final bonus point goes to the wifi. Free and connected straight away. You don't have to sign up with your email address etc. There's plugs for phones with little shelves right next to the bed too. Win.

Other points worth noting include the under bed storage for a suitcase, and a big floor length mirror. Yes! There's a choice between a standard or bigger room, and I believe I had the opportunity to stay in a bigger. The only downfalls I found were that they don't provide shampoo & conditioner, so bring your own. It also appeared difficult to call to reception. There wasn't a phone or button to press. However, there is a touch screen doorbell on the outside of rooms! So people can press it rather than knocking.

Check-in, Lounge & Breakfast
I loved checking in. There's large iPad-style screens where you enter your Surname, and it brings up your booking. It asks you to tap a room key against the side (kinda like contactless), and activates it for you. Super high tech. Super easy. No need for a receptionist. The Lounge area was small but had everything we needed. The furniture was really cosy and I loved the lights. It was perfect for a glass of wine in the evening, and breakfast in the morning. Breakfast was actually only £4, and includes fresh pastries, juices, yoghurt, hot porridge (perfect in winter!) and best of all...UNLIMITED COSTA COFFEE...which we could access 24/7 too! I was a very happy girly.

Starting from just £69 a night (and averaging around £100 for weekends), I honestly cannot recommend Hub Hotel enough. It had everything I needed and for the price, I can stay super central London too. I was so impressed and would like to return in the future. Huge thanks to Premier Inn for having me, until next time! Book your stay here -

*This post is not sponsored. I was kindly invited to stay for the press night launch, in return for a blog post.


  1. looks great, will have to check it out for a stay-cation i have planned :) thanks for the post Brogan x
    have a great week at work

  2. Hub Hotel sounds and looks fab! I'll definitely consider staying with them next time I spend a few days in London - great post x

  3. Hub hotel sounds and looks great will definitely keep a note of it for next time I go to London. It sounds really similar to Yotel hotel I'm stay in New York in July 2017 for my honeymoon before going onto Orlando ��. You should definitely check it out if you haven't booked your hotel yet it's so futuristic and even has a robot that puts your suitcase in a holding section for your room until it's ready and you can watch it work ��. Love your weekly vlogs and definitely can't wait for the New York vlogs it's my favourite place in the world ���� xx

    1. Sorry I tried to use emoji's and it came up question marks haha xx

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