Bloggers Blog Awards 2016 | I Won Best Vlogger!

At the end of August, I went to the launch of a new restaurant in Bournemouth with my fellow blogger friends. Whilst photographing and snapchatting my food, my Twitter notifications started blowing up; I was shortlisted for Best Vlogger in this years Bloggers Blog Awards! Yippee!

I watched a few friends go last year and honestly didn't think I'd get so lucky this time due to recently taking a break from vlogging. It was the best thing I ever did, because I'm back in full swing, with a better work/blog balance, and regularly returning the weekly vlogs to every Monday at 6pm again.

I spent two days prior to the awards (note to self: always get an outfit weeks in advance!) trying to find a dress, until I eventually listened to my mum and picked a simple black and floral Lipsy one, with cold shoulder sleeves. Finding an outfit for blog events comes with so much pressure, knowing you're going to be in photos. I constantly have the debate of "will this make me looked washed out? will I blend with others but stand out a little bit? Will it show my belly rolls when I sit down?". I got there eventually.

On the first day of October, I headed to Leeds with my friend Alice. It took six hours from Bournemouth and four different trains. We checked into our Ibis Central Leeds, got ready, and hit Canal Mills for the awards.

We spent the first hour or so socialising and immediately, I noticed how nice the atmosphere was. I've been to many events over the years and this was the first time I've felt really relaxed and able to approach anyone and everyone.

When my name was called for Best Vlogger, I was so giddy and repeating "ohhmigggod!!", before climbing on stage and telling the room that I wish I hadn't worn my biggest heels. I'm not too sure what else I said, other than thank you, because I was genuinely so shocked. I wish I had prepared some thought-proving, inspiring piece to say now! All my friends clapped and cheered and I felt a really sense of pride and achievement.

It's so cliché but I really wouldn't be able to do things like this without YOU, so thank you for your continued support and taking the time to vote for me!

Huge thank you to Hayley too, she did a fab job and I take my hat off to her, it's really hard work organising such a big event! Second thanks to Parental Influence, the sponsor of Best Vlog, we had a great chat and they kindly gifted me £100 Amazon gift card for winning too!

Massive well done to the other winners, I have discovered so many fabulous new blogs and people!

Thanks a million, I am over the moon!


  1. You’ve worked extremely hard to get where you are today and completely deserved to win! Some of us can only dream of going to this award ceremony and not only did you get invited – you smashed it! Well done, keep up the good work :). I look forward to watching many more vlogs, you’re an inspiration! P.S You looked amazing!

    Christie x

  2. Congrats! That is such an amazing achievement! I wish I'd been able to attend.

    Serena /

  3. Totally well deserved Brogan! x
    Beth x

  4. Well done on the win Brogan, so well deserved!! I couldn't think of a better Vlogger to win :) I also loved your outfit you picked :) xo

  5. Im so pleased you won, you work so hard, it's thoroughly deserved! Xx