Saturday, October 15

5 Things I've Learnt Living Alone

I bloomin' love living on my own. It's honestly the best thing that has happened to me this year. However, I have learnt some real home truths about what it actually means to be by myself. So, here goes!

1) Fearing the post.
When I lived at home, I had this weird excited buzz whenever I had post or letters addressed to me. It was always likely to be a nice card of some description, a PR gift/package or some coupons for shops (my favourite, no shame). Now, it's bills, reminders for upcoming bills, credit card statements and well, more bills. NO. I almost fear opening the door when I get home. If there is post, I scan the outside as quickly as possible to pre-empt which company or what type of letter it might be. Ah, adult life. Please someone tell me I'm not alone here.

2) Who needs heating?
Although I think I'm fairly good with my finances, I'm the first to admit that my priorities aren't straight when it comes to WHERE I'm investing my dollar. I'm happy to spend £20 on Disney Christmas Baubles for my Christmas tree (EEEKKKKK!!) but £20 on heating? Nahh mate. I want to keep those bills LOW. I just can't justify heating when I can wrap up in a onesie and blankets. Since living alone, I've discovered a few tricks of the trade. I cook dinner, and then I LEAVE THE OVEN OPEN. Win. Or, I blast my hairdryer down my hoodie. Once again, please say I'm not alone here!

3) Two words: messy slob.
I'm sure not everyone becomes a messy slob when they live on their own however, I'm guilty of being a bit lazy now no one is nagging me. I'm a pretty clean person generally; I like having things in order, and I like living in a tidy environment however, life gets in the way sometimes and well...NOPE, no excuse, I just leave my clothes on the floor sometimes and let the dishes and washing pile up. Because I can. And no one is moaning at me to do it anymore. So I am taking full advantage of doing what I want, when I want. Which also means deciding when I clean. (Probably should be better)

4) Waitrose = no way.
I try and keep my spending and bills low where I can (says the girl who is planning a drunken night out in London next weekend...once again, priorities), but one thing I really dislike spending my money on, is food...unless I'm going out for a meal or ordering Deliveroo. Obviously I can't avoid buying food, so my go-to supermarket is now Lidl or Aldi. I am honestly still so surprised how much cheaper I can eat for, in comparison to somewhere like Waitrose. My family might still shop there but gone are the days my dinner is M&S finest. Na ah.

5) Neighbours are...nice?
I had this really odd perception that my neighbours would be a nightmare. I was expecting to hear voices, music and banging of beds against the wall (eurgh), but I got really lucky and I haven't had any of that. I can't hear anyone. Ever. I have neighbours next to both sides of me, above and below, yet I am probably the noisiest with vlogging and blasting Beyoncé at 7am. One even bought me a bottle of wine when I moved in, and another gifted a punnet of fresh strawberries in the summer. Super welcoming, and makes me feel a bit safer.

Let me know if any of these sound like you too!

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