Monday, April 18

Olivia Burton Bee Motif Watch

For my 22nd Birthday, I was very kindly gifted a watch from my mum which I've had my eye on for absolutely ages, the Olivia Burton Animal Motif watch. I'm not a massive watch person, but I've had it on every single day since I got it at the end of March and I honestly can't imagine life without it now.

My nickname is Bee, so I gravitate towards anything with Bee's on. When I spotted this on Instagram, I instantly loved it and sent a hint hint hint to my mum. She knows I wear lots of silver jewellery, so picked the silver face with the brown leather strap. The Bee motif is what they describe as 'moulded', meaning it looks a little bit 3D and stands out on the face. I've had lots of compliments on it.

It's really comfortable to wear and I'm surprised at how durable it's been too, as I've accidently bashed it a few times! Priced at £135.00, this is the absolute perfect first 'proper' watch for me. I imagine one day I might be able to afford something a little more swanky but for now, I adore it and would highly recommend if you're considering an Olivia Burton watch. There's tons of other designs to suit many different tastes, but to be honest, I haven't seen one I don't like yet, they're all so pretty!

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