Calm Book & App | #calmday

I'm the type of person who gets easily stressed. I'm a worrier. Overthinker. When life throws things at me, I sometimes find it hard to stay calm.

I'm also a dreamer though, and I believe in having a positive mind will give you a positive life. I love typography and quotes to remind me that I'm not alone (Pinterest is awesome for this) and that how I feel about certain situations is totally real and normal.

I read lots of self-help and motivational books, and so when Penguin got in touch and asked if I'd like a copy of Calm* to read, I jumped at the chance and said "yes please!".

They didn't ask me to write a review, and it's rare I love a book so much I blog about it. (apart from Who Moved My Cheese) but Calm is a stunning book filled with photography, quotes, ideas, illustrations, typography, advice and guidance.

Written by Michael Acton Smith, there's also an App which came before the book, giving newbies like me guidance on meditation and dealing with anxieties and worries. It's a practice that takes time to learn but if you haven't already, I'd highly recommend giving it a go. I'm halfway through my first week of taking 10 minutes  out before I go to sleep to try and disconnect from my crazy thoughts. So far, I'm really enjoying it.

The book has eight sections inside including Nature, Sleep, Travel, Relationships, Work, Children, Creativity and Food. Although it isn't designed to read in a linear way, I still did, because I didn't want to miss anything!

I really liked the '25 Ways To Take A Break', some really simple yet effective techniques. Finally, my favourite quote is "You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf." 

*Calm was kindly gifted to me by Penguin Books for their #calmday campaign on social media however, I was not asked to write a blog review, I simply love it and wanted to share it on here too.


  1. I love the sound of this book! I suffer badly from Anxiety, and as of this year I've started investing in books like this to help me learn to be more mindful. I've just added this one to my Good Reads wish list! xx

    1. I'd highly recommend it, perfect for picking up and putting down whenever you fancy! :) xx

  2. This book sounds great! I could absolutely use a little more "calm" in my life!

  3. This sounds great. I am such a stresshead and get worked up over the smallest of things! This would work amazing for me

    Lauren x |

  4. I love this sound of this and I'm definitely going to get my hands on this book! Great post! It's given me an insight into this book xx

    Lauren |

  5. Thank you for posting this Brogan! :) I've seen this book around and always wanted to know more about it, so will definitely be purchasing :) I suffer from anxiety sometimes too so something like this sounds perfect! xxx

  6. I don't know what I'de do without my calm book, always the first thing I turn to when I'm having a particularly bad day.


  7. I'm such an over thinker and over worrier as well, it looks like such a lovely book. So lucky you got a copy of it to share with us! I'm loving your Little Miss Blogger mug as well hehe!

    Sally - DiagonSally

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