Sunday, January 31

Disney Wishlist 2016

Missimo Disney Cinderella Once A Princess Pyjamas
I spotted these on ASOS and fell in love. They're pretty pricey at £33 (hence why they're on my wishlist!) but these look so cosy for lounging around the house in. I've also noticed they have shorts and tank top versions of other designs...yup, they're in my saved basket.

The Disney Book
I saw my friend Ellie talk about this, clicked the link and was completely fascinated by it! I love reading and obviously love Disney, so this is perfect for add to my bookshelf.

Disney Couture Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings
I'm not sure if these kind of things can look a bit too much however, I love silver and these are really dainty and pretty. They're silver-studded and part of Disney Couture collection too.

Chip Mug (Exclusive Disney Parks)
Now I believe this is only available at the Disney Parks (correct me if I'm wrong?) but I've added to my wishlist anyway because I can't stop thinking about getting my hands on one! I'm heading to Paris in March, fingers crossed I find a Chip Mug then.

Starbucks Ariel Parody White T-Shirt
How hilarious is this?! I'd probably only wear it as pjs to bed but I just love how it's not 'in your face' Disney but a bit of fun at the same time. It's only £8.99 too, bargain!

Baymax Night Light
I saw Becky from Milk Bubble Tea feature this on her Instagram and I HAD to add to my basket. I absolutely adore Big Hero 6 and Baymax is one of my favourites, I'd love him a decoration in my bedroom more than a light to be honest.

Let me know if you liked this and I'll do another one soon!


Saturday, January 16

Victoria Secret Opening | West Quay, Southampton

If you live on the South Coast, you'll know how little shopping we have here. Luckily, I visit London almost every month, and so I often try and schedule time to visit some of my favourite big shops like Abercrombie and The Sting when I'm there.

When I heard (a long time ago!!) that Victoria Secret was coming to Southampton, I did a little squeal, because it's SO refreshing to have it on our doorstep without me adding to my list of shops to visit in London! Although West Quay is about 45 minutes from Bournemouth, I visit quite a lot as there is a great range of every store I love; including New Look, Zara, River Island and Topshop. I *may* have already had a little splurge on a PINK Sports Bra AND two beautiful bras in the sale recently. Oops.

The store is located on the middle floor of West Quay, and includes both Victoria Secret and PINK. Little tip, if you visit after 5pm it's only £1 to park all evening! Plus, there's a great selection of restuarants on the top floor for after too, Wagamams being my favourite. Both stores have an incredible selection of underwear, are beautifully presented and there are plenty of friendly faces to help too. The changing rooms are nice and big and I didn't have to wait long, even on opening day.

I wasn't asked to write this post, I was just so excited that the store is finally here that I took my mum and camera along and snapped these to share with you. I've been in several times since and I am a very happy girly it's here. Let me know if you visit or what items you own from VS, I need some inspiration!


Tuesday, January 5

Weekly Vlogging Kit

I get asked a lot about which camera, mount and equipment I use to film my videos, but more specifically, my weekly vlogs. I've been making them for almost a year now, and here's what works best for me. All these things would be great for someone wanting to start out or give it a go!

Canon S120 Camera | from £200
Most vloggers own the newest G7x camera from Canon which has a flip screen at the top however, I've heard terrible reviews about the autofocus taking a while. What I like about the S120 is how lightweight it is, I don't need to see myself when vlogging as I've mastered the angle of where I need to hold it to make sure I'm in shot (it's really not that hard!), but it's so light to hold up. It's good in different lighting, zooms pretty far and the sound quality is great too. The biggest problem is the battery, so I have two back ups (from here). It takes great photos too, I've used it to capture many beautiful landscape shots on holidays. I also carry it in a little bag (similar here) to protect it. This year, I will most likely upgrade (I'm not sure what yet), but for now, I've had this camera for years and it's really served it's purpose and treated me well. I'd recommend it. It's worth nothing I also recently invested in a GoPro Hero 3+ camera too, which is amazing for filming sports, underwater and getting fisheye action shots.

Car Mount | £2.49
If you watch my weekly vlogs, you'll know I spend the majority of the week filming, talking and singing to the camera (also known as 'careoke') from inside my Citroen C1. Car vlogging has become a bit of a 'thing', especially since James Corden has created videos for his show with celebrities using a similar concept. I use this from eBay, it's the cheapest I could find plus, I've had it for months and months and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I leave it mounted up in my car all the time, but I obviously only hit stop and start on the record when I'm not driving. I don't know the laws on filming yourself in the car but for now, I don't think it's a problem and it doesn't interfere with my concentration during driving. 

32GB SD Memory Card | £19.95
A small but crucial piece of equipment. Memory cards are known for corrupting and failing so I always go for a brand I trust. I also pick a 'Class 10' which according to my brother, has something to do with how quick it reads and films the footage or something. I find a 32GB is plenty for a whole week of vlogging, I just made sure I format it once I've edited and uploaded the week before.

PicMonkey Editor | Free or $33 a year (£22.33)
I absolutely adore this website. I've been paying for it annually for over a year or so however, it does have all the basic tools available for free, so give it a go and see if it's something you'd benefit investing in! I use it to make all my thumbnails, the fonts are great and you can use the layout/collage maker to have a selection of photos together. It's great fun, super user-friendly and if you do invest in it annually, it's definitely worth it in my opinion! I've had photoshop before from my Photography A Level and PicMonkey is much more basic and provides me with exactly what I need.

MacBook Pro & iMovie | from £889.00
I invested in a MacBook Pro last year and it was honestly one of the best purchases I made. I use Apple's iMovie Editing Software which comes with the laptop and I am so impressed with how simple it is to use. Again, I've tried more advanced softwares like Final Cut Pro, but I can't afford to upgrade my memory and FCP takes up a lot of space. Plus, iMovie does everything I need it to anyway. Transitions, music and exporting is really simple once you've practiced. I taught myself everything I know (and am still learning) from forums and videos on YouTube. I've got a nice marble case on mine (from here) which was £9.99 on eBay. (ps. You don't need a MacBook to create awesome videos, it's just what I personally use!)

Gorilla Tripod | from £25.00

I included this because once you've got comfortable vlogging, it's nice to have different angels and shots to keep the video varied and interesting. I use this for my 'main channel' videos too, as it's strong enough to hold my Canon 700D SLR Camera. Although most the time I like to find shelves in my bedroom or kitchen to save me holding the camera up for ages, there are times when I like filming montages of me cooking, washing my face or making my bed, and that's where the Gorilla Tripod comes in handy. It's lightweight and can flex and bend around anything! I've even bent it around my shower frame to film me washing my brushes in my bathroom sink before. Really great product, once again highly recommend.

There we go! Sorry that was a bit rambly but I really hope it helps one of you out there. Don't forget I upload my own weekly vlogs every Monday at 6pm (GMT), so be sure to subscribe to my channel HERE and leave any comment you might have below!

Good luck, 


Sunday, January 3

I'm in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

As some of you know, I won Beauty Beauty Blog and came Highly Commended in Best Vlog in the 2015 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in November. It was an absolute dream come true and I wrote about it here.

After I accepted my Best Beauty award, I was taken backstage to be interviewed. I genuinely thought it was just for the website, and had NO idea it would be published. About a week after the awards, a lady called me to confirm the spelling on my name and the hashtags I recommended for question three, which is when I was told this would be in the magazine. I've been checking and waiting for weeks and when I popped into my local supermarket on New Year's Eve, I freaked out when I opened it! Cosmo is my favourite after More Magazine was discontinued, and I have tons of copies on my bookshelf. It ticks every box for me in terms of beauty, lifestyle and travel articles, so to see my little face AND article inside the February 2016 edition was crazy exciting!!


Thank you so much for making dreams like this possible for me, I have about 8 copies and I'm going to order a double A4 frame so I can proudly put this article on my wall.

This was definitely a fabulous way to end 2015 and start the new year, yipee!


Friday, January 1


I started 2015 by going to bed early and completely missing the countdown for the first time in years. I wasn't in the happiest of places and was quite pleased to see the back of 2014 to be honest. As the new year came round, I decided to change this attitude and mindset. Besides, a positive mind equals a positive life. What did I want to do this year? What goals did I want to set and how am I going to achieve them? I was single for the first time in years, I'd just gone part time at a new job to focus on my blog and channel and life was fairly good. Little did I know all of this was ahead of me...

January 9th - Booked my first solo trip around America for the summer with Trek America.
February 2nd - Uploaded my first Weekly Vlog.
February 10th - Gave blood for the first time.
February 15th - My YouTube channel hit 1 Million views.
March 12th - Started working at Go Ape for the summer.
March 24th - My 21st Birthday.
March 28th - Saw Wicked in London.
March 30th - 18K subscribers.
April 2nd - Got a new car, my third Citroen C1.
April 23rd - Visited Lush Oxford St for the launch of their flagship store.
May 23rd - Guest List and attendee for BeautyCon, London.
May 24th - 19K subscribers.
May 29th - Hard work meant
 I was finally able to pay off my trip to America. Huge goal.
June 23rd - Flying to AMERICA. BA upgraded me to World Traveller plus, felt very VIP.
June 25th - San Diego Zoo and Mission Beach.
June 27th - Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.
June 28th - Watched the sunrise and then hiked 3 miles in and out of the Canyon.
June 29th - Vegas, baby.
July 3rd - Hiking Yosemite National Park, unbelievable views.
July 4th - San Francisco!
July 7th - LA, Walk of Fame and Venice Beach.
July 8th - Disneyland & Disney California Adventure, best day of the trip.
July 14th - New Forest Aqua Park and camping with my Go Ape friends.
July 18th - 20K subscribers.
August 2nd - 21K subscribers.

August 4th - Raft building, climbing and filming with NCS.
August 19th - BBC LIVE TV. Victoria Derbyshire programme discussing ASA guidelines.
September 17th - Saw Miss Saigon in London.
September 20th - My final day at Go Ape. An incredible experience and friendships for life.
September 28th - First international press trip to Milan with Huawei to celebrate Vogue China's 10th Birthday.

October 4th - Finalist in the Olympia Beauty Blogger Awards for Best Vlog.
October 5th - Discovering I'd been shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards for two categories.

October 11th - 23K subscribers.
October 31st - Halloween fancy dress with my Go Ape friends, a super fun night.

November 4th - Huawei UK launch for their smartwatch at the Mondrian Hotel, London.
November 5th - Funfair and fireworks with Go Ape friends, again.
November 13th - 24K subscribers.
November 19th - Winner of Beauty Beauty & Highly Commended Best Vlog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015.
December 18th - 25K subscribers. Reached my end of year subscriber goal.
December 20th - Italy!! Skiing for Christmas in Sauze d'Oulx.
December 31st - Featured in Cosmo Magazine, February 2016 edition. 

2015 has hands down been my best year yet. Highs and lows of course, but everything that happened shaped and changed me to who I am today. I am proud of me, proud of my channel/blog and proud of all the decisions and risks I decided to take. I met some amazing people and friends for life. Thank you so much for joining me on my journey, here's to an even bigger and better 2016!

Lots of love, 

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