The Bloggers Hangout & Gift Unboxing!

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On Friday 20th November, I was selected to join a handful of fellow bloggers and The Bloggers Hangout team for a Secret Sleepover in a London Apartment. As it was the day after the Cosmo Blog Awards, I thought it would be the perfect end to an awesome few days in London, and so I packed my pjs and headed to Putney!

I was so nervous because I hadn't met any of these girls before. They were HILARIOUS, and I found myself giggling straight away. When we walked into the lounge, there was a Christmas tree with tons of gifts under it. A black AND white bag EACH. In true blogger style, we were so eager to look at the goodies and all dived straight into the bags going "OOOOH, LOOK AT THIS!".

After all the excitement (which genuinely felt like Christmas too), we were then treated to massages and manicures whilst we waited for dinner.

Eat First then delivered food, we all got to choose what we fancied and I went for Tandoori Chicken, Baked Potato and Brownie. We opened the fridge and it was FILLED with drinks, before realising the freezer was also FILLED with ice cream. I'm not going to lie, we were spoilt.

Full on food we then selected Love, Rosie on Netflix. A film I'd already seen a few weeks before but still enjoyed having it on in the background whilst we chatted all things blogging. We went to bed at 1am, before heading to brunch the next day at a restaurant called Counter. I loved it so much, I've got a separate post coming for it soon.

The other bloggers who attended:

- Charlotte |
- Khrissie |
- Rachy |
- Seema |
- The Clothes Maiden |

Massive thank you to The Bloggers Hangout & the following brands who gifted us products!
Charlie and Ivy's |
Conscious Skincare |
Don Gaucho |
Double Dutch Drinks |
Love Kombucha |
Luscombe Drinks |
Natural Spa Factory |
PHB Ethical Beauty |
Portlebay Popcorn |
The English Cheesecake Company |


  1. I lately discovered your YouTube channel and your blog and I am enjoying both a LOT ! You inspire me a lot as you seems so down to earth some other YouTube peoples are so out of touch now and I don't feel like I am connecting with them any more but not you! Anyway sending you lots of love xx

  2. WOWZER!!!!!!! You were well and truly spoilt!!!! HAHA! Perfect end to a wonderful few days in London I'm sure!!!! <3 I suggest you start up a new channel called ' Baking with Brogan!' and make your way through all those amazing baking treats you were given!! Good idea, non!?!?! :P Let me know if you start it up!!!! #BakingWithBrogan xo

  3. Sounds as though you had an amazing time :)

    Lauren x |

  4. I was meant to go to this but couldn't get the day off my new job! Looks like you had an amazing time though. That jacket potato looks AMAZING. Looking forward to watching your video now! :)

    Ashleigh x ♡

  5. That jacket potato looks incredible and is making me so hungry! This sounds like the PERFECT girly sleepover!!!

  6. It was so lovely to meet you!!! x

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  8. looks insane! I saw this all unfolding on twitter, hope you enjoyed it :D xx