Lush Christmas Collection Haul ♡

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Christmas is my favourite time at Lush and they never fail to disappoint. I stopped by the Southampton store this week to get my Rose Jam fix, as I've been without a big bottle since February! I didn't go mad as I've already got quite a collection however, here's the bits I couldn't leave without.

Rose Jam Shower Gel
This is my absolute favourite product ever. 250g is a little pricey at £10 a bottle however, it does last AGES and I know I adore it. You know when you put your favourite perfume on and it makes you feel complete and good about yourself? That's how this makes me feel. It's Limited Edition for Christmas but they also have the Rose Jam Bubblebar & Ro's Argan Shower Conditioner all year round if you love the scent as much as me. A little goes a really long way, it honestly smells of fresh roses and I'll repurchase this again and again.

Star Dust Bath Bomb
The trick with Lush is that some of the most underrated bath bombs look the most boring. All year round I love Butterball, Avobath and Fizzbanger and they're the least 'pretty' looking ones. When I picked up Star Dust, I was instantly sold on the scent, fair trade vanilla absolute. It's also got snowflake lust and edible stars inside! I can't wait to use this.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
New bubble bars excite me the most, especially when they look as cute as this little guy! Peeping Santa smells of strawberries and contains cocoa and shea butter, which will leave your skin feeling really smooth. If you break bubble bars up, you can easily get two or three baths out of one. 

Also on my bath bomb wishlist...
So White
Lord Of Misrule
Shoot For The Stars
Golden Wonder

^ I've tried all of these from last year and I'd HIGHLY recommend them. Thank you Lush, for the gift of the best baths ever. Love, a very loyal lushie.

What are you loving from Lush?


  1. The Peeping Santa one sounds yummy. I love all the fruity scents from Lush. I'm going tomorrow so will have to check it out :) X

  2. I feel the exact same way about the Rose Jam scent - it's so delicious! Candy Mountain is my all time favourite from the Christmas collection, it's gorgeous xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. The rose jam shower gel sounds right up my street! Recently finished the comforter shower gel so need to get my hands on another one!

  4. Happy to see you've got your Rose Jam back haha!

  5. These all sound lovely and I haven't tried any of the lush Christmas stuff yet and these look so good.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  6. I have never tried Lush! These products all look so great though. Great post!
    The Style Icon

  7. I'm really loving snow fairy and the magic of Christmas from lush I highly reccomend x

  8. Peeping Santa is so adorable! I agree Rose Jam is a bit pricey but it just smells so good. I love that it's just a once a year treat too :)

    Gemima | Lovely Witches