Exams, eurghh, no one likes exams. I used to get so nervous and worked super hard during my GCSE's to get all A-C's. Good news is, it's not THAT bad. Once they're over, you can have an amazing Summer and forget all about them. For now though, let's focus on getting through the next couple of months!

1 ♡ GET A CALENDAR! (or print one from Google)
I still do this now because I found it so helpful during my GCSE's and A Levels, but having a monthly calendar and jotting down all your exam dates is really going to focus you and make it nice and clear right in front of you. I also find a calendar handy for scheduling in revision slots. For example, for me when I was doing GCSE's, Monday would be School 9-3.15, revision 4-5pm, dinner and shower etc, then revision again 8-9pm before watching 90210, which used to be on at 9pm on E4. (OH THE MEMORIES). Anyway, print yourself a calendar and get organised. Which leads me nicely onto the second point...

Organise everything. Your time, location, notes, folders and life in general during the exam period. Even if you aren't really an organised kinda person it's going to really help you stay focused if you can plan and stay on top of everything. I even used to plan WHERE I was going to revise, because that'll help you stay focused too. Try and avoid your bedroom if you can and keep that as an area you sleep and relax in.

There are tons of different ways to revise, you almost need to try a few to see what works for you. I personally used a variety during my exams. For French, I use to write parts of my speaking on A4 pieces of paper and stuck them all over my bedroom walls to help remember it. However, you might find that you work better studying in a group or speaking out loud to someone. Other techniques I loved were mindmaps/spider diagrams, lists and bullet points. I often re-wrote my notes out again which helped as I was actually taking the time to read them.

I know this might be an obvious one but having the right stationary is also going to help your revision. Sticky notes, book tabs and pukka pads are SO helpful and keep you focused. Speaking of stationary, you'll need to get yourself prepared for the actual exams too, which means a clear pencil case, spare pens and pencils and if you're doing a subject like Maths, you might need a proper scientific calculator too.

There are SO many resources around you these days so utilise them! BBC bitesize is just one of many websites which I personally loved using, I believe there are even apps these days too which might work for you and some of your subjects! Other helpful resources include revision guides, books and past papers. Make sure you check your exam boards and see what questions they've asked before, chances are yours might be similar.

Don't overwork yourself. Simple. Remember to take those breaks!

Like I mentioned earlier, I used to revise up until 9pm on a Monday and reward myself by watching 90210 after. Maybe you can do the same and stick your favourite show or YouTuber on (plug plug hint hint ;) hahah) after you've finished revising. This will keep you stay motivated and encourage a nice healthy school/life balance.

It's so easy to pig out and eat loads of comfort food during exams but it's really important you keep your diet consistent and healthy. Don't skip breakfast and fuel up on something like porridge, those oats are going to give you energy. Try and avoid too much sugar and chocolate because the temporary high you get from the sugar-fix will be shortly followed by crashing blood-sugar levels, which can cause fatigue. Go for snacks like berries and nuts. It's also really important you try and get a good nights sleep, especially the nights leading up to your exams. 

I think its really important to remind yourself this. If you put 100% into your revision and exams, really, what's the worst that is going to happen? If you fail (which you won't), you can re-sit exams, it's honestly not so bad. Lots of my friends re-did their Maths and/or English in their first year of A Levels so don't worry yourself so much.

It's easy to feel pressured by parents, teachers and even friends, I know first hand. Education is honestly one of the most valuable things you're going to be given and you should do it for you, because YOU want to succeed in this life. I know some of my friends had seriously pushy parents or teachers during exams and if that's the case, remind them you appreciate their encouragement but don't let anyone make you feel overwhelmed. My personal biggest problem when I was doing my GCSE's was comparing myself to all my friends. I ended up with all A-C's (which I was, and still am, proud of) and at the time was confused why I never got those A*'s. Simple answer is, at the end of the day you can only do your best, so don't compare yourself to others and do it for you.

I really hope these tips helped you and I wish you all the luck in the world with your studies! You'll smash them!


  1. Is a great blog post :), agree with all of these apart from that i was just rubbish with revising when did mine and always so rubbish with exams. People need to not worry and stress so much with the exams and just do the best that they can, everyone is different. And grades are not that important in life, and if anyone does not do so well in things like engilsh and Maths, then they can just redo them at any age.

    I am 23 and redoing my maths and engilsh due to very poor grades at schools. People just need to remember Grades do not determine your life or where it is heading

    1. Absolutely Sinead, grades are not everything! I never went to Uni and don't have a degree and every single one of my employers hasn't mentioned it, or the results from my GCSE's & A Levels x

  2. I am currently midway through my high school finals and I could not stress enough about being organised. I plan everything! When I am going to revise and what, the more specific the better. Don't just write math, write page numbers, topics, sub-topics etc. That way, you will know exactly what you have to revise and it will also make sure that you do everything that you need to do.

    It is also important that people don't stress out too much, I'm not much of a stresser, but I definitely know people who are and there is really no point. Just stay calm, be prepared and you will find you have a much easier exam season.

    Good luck to anyone taking there exams.

    And great tips Brogan xx

  3. These tips are so helpful! I always use loads of coloured pens when I make revision notes and last year I stuck loads of posters around my room! Spider diagrams are really useful too!

    Serena /