Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

For someone who has really dry/eczema-prone skin, I love primers and setting sprays. They're great to prevent foundation from going patchy (eurgh, never a good look!). I've repurchased and loved MAC Fix+ for a few years and never really come across anything similar which I personally felt was worth purchasing over. I'd heard so much about Smashbox primers, so when I saw this I instantly added to my wishlist and for my 21st birthday, decided to splash out and pick it up. Here's my verdict...

First impressions I wasn't sure, I couldn't work out if it was actually doing anything. It wasn't until about two weeks later that I started spraying it before AND after applying make-up, so essentially using as a primer and a setting spray. I then really started to notice how amazing my skin was! Even during my 'time of the month' when my skin always breaks out, it was clear and fresh. I had more make-up free days than normal because I was feeling so confident.

I couldn't understand why my skin was so lovely because my diet hadn't changed and neither had any of my skincare or daily make-up. The only thing I'd changed was this and now after a solid 6 weeks of using it, I can honestly say I'm quite confident it's the source to helping keep my skin clear AND keeping my make-up on! WIN!

I went to a Smashbox event for the launch of their new contour sticks last night and I was chatting to the make up artists about it. They explained that it's because the product is silicone-free and contains a thing called electrolytes to wake up skin and restore moisture, hence why my face has probably been feeling fresher!

If that doesn't highlight just how much I love this well then...I love it. A lot. MAC Fix+ is very much on par, I like them both but this actually primes my face too which is amazing. It's a super light-weight mist with a gorgeous rose scent too. I know it looks like water in a bottle but honestly, I'd 100% recommend.


  1. This sounds amazing (: I have had my eye on it for a while but didn't really know if it was just a gimmicky product but after reading this, I'm definitely going to give it a try (: xx

  2. Really wanting either this or the Mac Fix+ but I just cant decide! My skin is so much like yours so I cant wait to hurry up and get one! Great post! x

  3. this sound amazing, i always thought this was a bit pricey but i certainly seems to be living up to everyones expectations! loved the review x

  4. I've just bought it and already used it a few times as a primer only and I can already see a difference. I have oily skin and since using this my face shines much less throughout the day. My makeup also lasts much longer. It really just looks and feels like water but it's a lovely product.