See you at Beauty Con! ♡ #BeautyConLondon

How do I even begin to word this post without screaming with excitement? Okay, here it goes...

Few. Sorry 'bout that. WAY too excited. Next Saturday 23rd May 2015, I'm going to be attending Beauty Con which is being held at London Olympia Exhibition Center.
 When I got the email asking if I'd like to attend, I legit thought it was so I could fan girl and meet some of my favourite YouTubers which to be fair, is pretty a cool invite I'd never say no to. Then I reread and realised, I'm on the guest list! How cool is that?!

For those unaware, Beauty Con is an event connecting to the heart of the internet. Similar to Summer In The City and VidCon, Beauty Con is a great opportunity to content with YouTubers, content creators and celebrities. There will be panels, Q&A's and a chance to meet lots of lovely people! Alongside stands with plenty of brands to visit and say hello to too.

Although I'm on the guest list, I'm not scheduled in for any panels so just keep an eye on me wondering around! Be sure to come and say hello so we can take a selfie, or tweet me and I'll let you know where I am! 

See you there,


  1. I wish I could go to beauty con! I hope you have an amazing time Brogan :) x

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