My Trek Backpack | Steve Madden

I've been on the hunt for a perfect rucksack for my Trek America trip for quite some time. I originally bought a brown leather-looking drawstring one at the beginning of the year but it wasn't very practical for getting things in and out. It's stylist, and great for a day out, but not for trek. Plan B I got a proper material style rucksack in bright pink. It wasn't very expensive and I love it and use it for work all the time. I thought it would be my perfect trek bag, but the thick straps are a bit awkward putting on and off and pink just doesn't go with everything (sad, but oh so true...)

Plan C I knew exactly what type of bag I wanted, something that had elements of the other two, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I spotted this Steve Madden bag for £29.99 in TK Maxx. It's got these cool black straps that are easy to adjust, a large zip compartment and two front pockets. The colour is an almost off beige with contract coral on the zip and top handle. It's the ideal kind of bag for my trip, I'll fit everything I need inside and it's super comfy on my arms too.

Have you found any gems in TK Maxx recently? Be sure to catch up with my Trek America posts here!


  1. This looks so nice! I haven't been in TK Maxx for ages but I normally get my shoes in there & love that you can find absolute bargains.
    This looks like it will be the perfect chic backpack for your travels

  2. I love this rucksack! I've wanted one for a while but haven't spotted the right one just yet. I'm always in TK Maxx so hopefully my local stores might have them!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  3. I always grab cheap Ciate & illamasqua nail polish in TK Maxx (although I usually have to siv through the dodgy shades to find a gem!) I also got some fancy Le Creuset cookware in there recently too.

    Bet you're so excited for your trip! x


  4. I always get huge bottles of shampoo from TK Maxx. I was pretty chuffed with myself when I found a Michael Kors purse there too

    Jenna Suth: Beauty, Fashion and All Things Girly ♥

  5. I've never been in TK Maxx before, but now I'll definitely be venturing in there! The bag is so nice that I may have to copy you ;) I hope you have an awesome time on trek america, can't wait for the vlogs! :D xx