Money Saving Tips & Ideas!

Before we get started, I just wanted to highlight that I'm definitely not an expert here. I'm a 21 year old with two jobs, who's quickly learning how to manage her finances and budget for nice things. It's not really something we're taught at school but luckily with things like the internet, I've discovered loads of great ways which work for me as a young person to save my pennies!

1 ♡ Get organised, have separate accounts & utilise banking apps!
I love having separate accounts so when payday comes along, I can move and organise my money accordingly and it really helps.

2 ♡ Sell your unwanted things!
I've done carboots in the past which, if you have the patience and time, are a great way to shift your old toys and clothes. I've also used eBay and Depop but you often have to watch those charges Paypal take too! There's loads of website these days to recycle your old DVDs, CDs, books and even phone handsets too.

3 ♡ Making cuts that work for you
This is a really personal thing but for me, I had to cut on things like magazine, getting my nails done and buying lunches. I even noticed I was picking up bottles of water which was unnecessary! As a young person, I don't have lots of bills but I did take the time to check my contracts and packages for things I pay for and surprised myself that I didn't need to be on the middle package for Netflix. There's tonnes of ways you can look at your current situation and start making cuts and better choices.

4 ♡ Saving on shopping
Why not get your haircut at your local college instead of the salon? Have you considered a railcard if you take the train a lot? Don't forget to scan your loyalty cards everywhere you shop, you could really save yourself some money! Especially supermarkets and price comparison vouchers they print for you.

5 ♡ Socialising
I've cut back on going out for so many meals and budget each month for 1 or 2 lunches and/or meals out with my friends. You can still invite them over and have a great time. However, when I do go out I love to use Voucher Codes to see if I can make a saving again.

6 ♡ Writing & sticking to a list
This will help you only buy what you need. It's so easy to get distracted, especially in supermarkets. Oh and if you're food shopping, don't go on an empty stomach! HAHA.

7 ♡ Managing your budget
I tried writing things in a notebook but it didn't work for me. I found an app called OnTrees which connects to my bank and shows me how and where I've spent and overspent each month. It works for me but look into ways you can calculate how much you earn and how much you can spend each month 

8 ♡ Piggy bank!
Pop your cash in a jar and away from your purse and you're less likely to spend it.

9 ♡ Walk away from things
When my friend Grace said to me in a shop recently, "I feel like I wouldn't miss this dress if I walked away" it made me realise I need to do this more often. Take a step back and think, "do I REALLY need this?".

10 ♡ Set yours goals & you'll get to where you want to be
I'm not here to tell you how or what to spend your money on but if like might you want to go on a big trip or you're saving for something like your wedding, whatever it is, try focusing your mind and money better and you will honestly get there in the end.

11 ♡ Unsubscribe from mailing lists
I noticed that whenever I get an email through from a brand with a deal, special offer or new collection, I more often than not click through and start online shopping for things I don't actually need. By unsubscribing, it's less tempting!

12 ♡ Earn some extra cash!
There's lots of great ways you can earn some extra cash, I've previously done surveys online and used websites like Quidco which give you money back when you buy things. I've also done mystery shopping in the past and if you're 18/19, it's worth checking out Serve Legal. You get paid to buy alcohol and see if they ID you. I did it for about 6 months at college. Or simply, you could just do some babysitting or dog walking for a neighbour or friend, it all adds up.

13 ♡ Keep your receipts
It's a great idea to keep receipts and go through them each month to make sure you're sticking to your budgets. Having it on paper in front of you is a really good reality check.

14 ♡ Credit cards & loans
To help buffer my funds for America, I got myself a credit card but you have to be super careful and responsible. If your credit rating is bad you can look at guarantor loans or borrowing from friends and family, if that's an option for you.

15 ♡ Haggle with your car insurance company
I recently had to renew my insurance and instead of just accepting the price they've-quoted me, I rung and asked what they could do. I saved £93 in about a 2 minute call, win!

So there we have it, loads of great ideas for helping pay off your debt, saving for that something special or if you're living within a tight budget. Whatever the case, we can definitely be better together and I hope this helped!

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  1. some great tips! xx

  2. Great tips! It's crazy how buying little things like bottles of water add up. We've been buying larger packs of water bottles. They are much better value for money plus we re-use each bottle a few times until it's not at it's best.

    Gemma x

  3. Great tips, I'm going to look into having more than one bank account and at ways I can save money. The walking away from things really works, but I did recently have to go back the next day for a dress I decided I did need after all.

  4. Great tips, I have a lot of saving to do myself and these will come in very handy!

    Fran |