Beauty Con 2015 ♡ #BeautyConLondon

What a weekend. I'm seriously gutted it's over! Beauty Con was a complete whirlwind of an experience and I loved every single minute of it. I stayed up in a hotel on Friday night and used my first Uber to get to the venue for the evening. Uber's are SO awesome, if you haven't got the app, DO IT. NOW. Oh and use my code for your first ride free? 0z924. You're welcome. ;D

Anyway, I stopped by the Style Haul Pre-Party at Dirty Bones and was so overwhelmed with how many YouTubers were in one room! There were so many massive names literally getting cocktails next to me, I was fangirling so much, hahaha! I managed to be brave enough to talk to and ask for selfies with a few of my favourites, but the evening was filled with a free bar, photo booth and meeting lots of lovely people. Great fun.

Saturday was Beauty Con day. Before I headed to the venue, I used an app called PRIV who kindly sent a stylist called Crystle to my hotel room to do my hair for me. We spontaneously decided to cut it and I'm SO glad she did, I felt a million times better on the day. It's amazing how something as small as having your hair done can give you a confidence boost. Massive thanks to PRIV for that, you brightened my day. 

I had low expectations of the day because I've done IMATS before and found it crowded and poorly organised. With Beauty Con though, everything ran SO smoothly and I stayed from 10am - 5pm. Once again, the amount of familiar faces that turned up was insane! It was like the place to be!! I was lucky enough to be on the Guest List for the show as 'Talent', meaning I had a purple wristband which got me backstage and in the Talent Lounge. I didn't do any panels or anything but when we arrived, the lovely staff asked if we wouldn't mind having a bodyguard whilst we mooched around the show. Jess, Tasha & I explained we aren't very big YouTubers and therefore didn't need one, but she said they had them ready and we'd look important with one. So YOLO and all that, we said okay and Miles our bodyguard quickly became our new buddy for the day. In fact, he actually came in super handy for photo moments, skipping queues and answering our questions. Not going to lie, we felt very VIP.

The day was amazing. I got to meet so many subscribers who watch and love my videos. They gave me such nice words of encouragement and we took lots of selfies. I was even asked for my autograph...twice! Bit of role reversal and I also got to do the same with some of my favourite YouTubers too. I smiled all day long and continued to fangirl when I saw people I knew and watched. It was honestly like my whole YouTube feed in one day.

Every single person I met was friendly and welcoming, the staff at Beauty Con were amazing and the day itself was super memorable. Massive thank you to anyone who said hello to me, my lovely management for organising, Jess & Tash for being the best company for the duration of the day, the brands who gifted me products, the friends who took photos with me and finally YOU, for making days like this possible for me.

Until next year!


  1. You look SO stunning on that picture at the bottom! I wish I could have met Essie Button, but her queue was just insane! Was lovely seeing you yesterday, can't wait to see the vlog!
    Conny xx


    1. Thank you honey! You make an appearance! ;D Also, will I see you again at a future Southampton Bloggers event?! xx

  2. Looks like a great event - I'd love to go next year!

  3. Sounds like it was sooooo amazing - I wish I could have made it! You look like a total babe in the last picture, gorgeous xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, glad you had fun! xx

  5. Such lovely pictures, looks so good :)

  6. Oh you look gorgeous, love the dress! Lucky you to meet all those great women! xxx

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous curled Brogan! I can't wait to see what you got up to on your weekly vlog tonight:-)
    Sarah x

  8. It sounds as though you have had such an eventful day, gutted I didn't make it but it looks amazing!! :) xxx

  9. I love that you guys had a body guard for the day - super-official.

    So glad you loved your hair cut and style - Crystle is such a babe, isn't she?!

    Thanks again for popping by to see us too - hopefully bump into you at lots more events!

    Katie <3

  10. Looks like you had a fab time! Your hair (and you) look stunning in that photo at the end!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog