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Last year, I worked at the head offices for Lush Cosmetics before moving on to a part time job elsewhere. Over the course of a year however (and between two different departments!) Lush gave me lots of intense training ranging from skincare, haircare, bodycare and finally, perfume. In October, I even visited their pop-up perfume shop and exhibition they held in London, before they went on to open their first Gorilla perfume shop in Islington. During the exhibition, I got the chance to smell each new scent they were launching, along with the wonderful stories behind them! So it was an wonderful surprise to have these three come through my door from Volume 3, Death, Decay and Renewal. All my Lush memories instantly came flooding back! I have even had the opportunity to meet both Mark Constantine OBE (Co-founder and Managing Director) and his son Simon Constantine last year, the creators behind these perfumes, so I couldn't pass on sharing today. (I last saw Simon in his secret little lab above the original shop in Poole working away on new products!!)

I'm going to be 100% honest with you though. I'm a Chanel perfume kinda girl. I love Coco Mademoiselle and during my time at Lush, I never found a perfume that worked for me for everyday. What I did notice however was that they always smelt so different on the skin, so my advise is that if you go in store and give some a sniff, try directly on your hand or arm, you might be surprised.

Death & Decay // £10 Solid or £30 for 30ml*
The first thing I asked was "why have they named a perfume with the word Death in?!"
and to be honest, I'm still not sure on the name. Can you imagine, "Oooh Brogan, what are you wearing?" "Thanks, it's Death & Decay...". Name aside it's a gentle floral fragrance with soft lily heart notes accompanied by indole, which adds a pungent, narcotic headiness. The lily resembles the thin line between the fullness of beauty and its inevitable decay. I can't say I like this personally however, lots of my old colleagues loved it so you might too. Mark & Simon were sadly forced to face the mortality of loved one, which gave Mark the inspiration to create a perfume that would be "surprisingly pleasant when you're expecting something awful", the message is one of meditation, acceptance and optimism.

All Good Things // £10 solid, £20 for 10ml or £40 for 30ml*
This theme is so clever how each perfume is a creative expression for elements and events in the creators lives. Both bitter and sweet, this one is my favourite of the three. It almost reminds me of Lord Of Misrule bath bomb (one of my favourites from Halloween!) as they share the same black pepper ingredient. Described as a 'boozy stumble down a basement staircase in a cloud of candyfloss' this one really isn't like anything I've smelt before. The story behind this is simply about people coming and going in our lives, when they must move on and leave us the sadness of the parting of the way is tempered as doors open to new possibilities, opportunities and fresh ideas in their absence. I like that.

Kerbside Violet // £9 Soild, £18 for 10ml or £26 for 30ml*
"The scent of a violet is transitory, like a puff of sweet perfume you lean in for another whiff, and then it's gone..." I'm torn on this one, it's a completely unique floral fragrance which I actually don't mind on my skin, but it's the type of fragrance I'd wear on the odd occassion. What I can say however is that my tiny tester on my hand lasted ages, so no need to worry about the staying power with this one! You can confidently wear all day and a bottle will last you ages. Apparently, Mark often spots violets growing through cracks in pavements and kerbs and stops to smell them. Kerbside Violet is a reminder to look out for the tiny revolution growing through the cracks of a concrete jungle near you. I like this idea that we should never forget the little things in life.  

As I'm sure you know, Lush don't test any of their products on animals and sell all their perfumes in ml bottles or solid versions. The solids are a nice handbag friendly size which you never have to worry about smashing either! Death & Decay, All Good Things and Kerbside Violet are now availbale in shops nationwide and online.

*PR Sample

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