Saturday, February 28

February Favourites 2015 ♡

I'm so glad February is almost over. I survived my first single valentines day in five years, moved in to my dads house and reached an amazing 17,000 subscribers over on my channel! I've been successfully uploading new weekly vlogs every Monday at 6pm which I've really enjoyed doing, so if you've missed out, be sure to check the playlist out ;-) I enjoyed some really odd things this month, probably because I only took the 'essentials' to my dads and really learnt what I like the most. My skin and hair wasn't so great, so I opted for my trusty clean and clear treatment to banish spots, and my Aussie leave-in conditioner to soft my locks! I've also started working out this month (shocker, I know) and have been loving Ne-Yo's new album 'Non-Fiction' for motivation and workout tunes! I've shared all these and a few more over on my channel, so be sure to watch the video below!

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