5 Lessons I've Learnt About Being Single. ♡

I haven't really been truly single for about five years and although it's taken some adapting over the last six months, it's actually going pretty well. I'm not even kidding myself this time either, hahah! Here's a few things I've come to realise...

One ♡ A guy won't solve your problems.

I always thought that even if I had a relationship that was filled with drama and difficulties that my life would be better, because someone would love me. WRONG. Being with someone won't fix your problems and in fact, being single is a great opportunity to fix them yourself first. For me, I'm FINALLY managing to slowly loose some weight I always wanted to shift without feeling pressured by a guy or pigging out on takeaways and meals out. I've also managed to focus on my career and change my job since being single too. (All those videos I've been making recently? You can thank my ex-boyfriend for that ;) hahah!)

Two. A bad relationship can make you feel more alone than being single.
My last relationship was long-distance and when it peaked at it's low points, I felt so unbelievably lonely. Since being single, I've ironically not felt that loneliness at all, because people are naturally gravitating to me more now they know I'm normally more free. It's a really nice feeling.

Three. ♡ Time to find yourself first.
I recently did a training day at work where we learnt about our strengths and weaknesses and I quickly discovered that I love being on my own sometimes to recharge and re-energise. The biggest downfall about being single is that you do spend a lot more time by yourself however, this can also be one of the biggest perks too! I've really started to learn to love myself, by being on my own, doing more things that make ME happy and selfishly, not having to worry about anyone other than me. Yeah, it's been great actually.

Four. ♡ The dating game can honestly be fun!
First dates can be really awkward sometimes but meeting new people is so exciting! Within the last six months or so I've met some great guys who have really inspired me, made me laugh, been there for a chat or shared some dominoes. I'm in absolutely no rush to be in a relationship again however, I've really learnt to enjoy dating. I know it won't be forever, so whilst I'm young and still figuring out what I want, I'm going to continue enjoying the 'game'.

Five. ♡ Friends are as equally important to your well-being and happiness!
Going back to point two about people gravitating towards me more, I've really noticed my friendship group has grown and individual relationships have blossomed since being single. I still don't have a massive selection of friends (and I like it that way), but when I was in a relationship I obviously had to delegate my time more, which isn't something I need to be concerned about anymore! I'm not saying that a relationship held me back, but it's nice to focus more on who else I have around me.

'Lessons I've Learnt' has become a fairly popular series I've created here on my blog so be sure to catch up with previous 'Lessons I've Learnt' if you haven't already!


  1. I can not agree with you more on this brogan! These are amazingly inspirational words and advise for girls that have just come out of a relationship but are also not in one and have not been for a while (like myself). Just amazing and your such an inspiration yourself! Love you loads Brogan 💕xxx

  2. I agree with all the points you have mentioned above especially the one about the bad relationship making you feel already single. Sometimes they just don't understand your situation and instead of being there to comfort you and offer support, they just go further and further away from you making you feel even more alone then ever. I have been loving your 'lessons I've learnt' series, found them such an inspiration, keep up the good work! :) xxx


  3. Nothing wrong with being alone, thing's always find their way :)