New Baby Unisex Gift Ideas | Under £20!

Someone asked on Twitter for gift ideas for a Maternity present and it gave me loads of inspiration as once upon a time, I was a manager in a baby and children's shop and used to sell these things all the time! Although I don't have children of my own, and my blog isn't normally aimed at parents and children, lots of my friends are approaching an age where they're getting engaged and having babies, so I'm pretty confident in sharing my knowledge and that these would make great little gifts for a new parent.

Skibz Dribble Bibs - £8.00
We all know babies go through lots of clothes and bibs, so a really practical present is a dribble bib. I used to sell loads of these from a brand called Skibz, they're of really high quality and fasten nicely with a popper at the back. They've won a ton of awards and rightly so, they're gorgeous. I was continually told that they wash well and are super stylish and cute on too! I'd 100% buy one of these myself for a new parent.

Sophie La Giraffe Original Teether - £11.88
I can't even begin to tell you how many of these I used to sell. Babies won't need teething toys straight away however, Sophie La Giraffe is one of the best. The long legs and top of the head get the molars at the very back, it's made of 100% natural rubber and is so affordable too! Even if someone else gets this, Mum and Dad will need a few for the car, handbag, cot etc. I once had a lady waiting outside my shop before I had opened asking "Please tell me you have a Sophie in stock, we lost ours and he hasn't stopped crying all night, I'm desperate!".

Daisy Roots Bunny Baby Shoes - £11.95
I really love this brand as they come in a gift box and make such an easy present. Babies kick off their socks all the time, so pram shoes are really practical. Daisy Roots sell all different designs so if you do know the sex, take a look because they have some really cute ones. They're made of a super soft leather and have a non-slip sole, so you could even look at buying a big pair in size 6-12m or even 12-18m for when they're starting to walk instead too.

Happy Horse Rabbit Twine 3 - £17.70
Babies get gifted lots of toys but some people really like buying and giving them. Therefore, I've included the best seller from my store, the Twine Rabbit from Happy Horse. Again, a great brand for all different toys but this is absolutely adorable. It's got no beaded eyes so is super safe for a newborn and I guarantee that he or she will probably end up loving it. To be honest, I even wanted one for myself it's that cute!

Natures Purest Organic Cotton Bodysuits - £16.50
This is another brand I'd sell a lot, especially if you don't know the sex. They sell a great range of dressing gowns, sleeping suits and gift sets however, if you're looking to gift some clothes these little bodysuits come in a pack of three and are so practical. Mum can mix and match them with any outfit and the best part is that they're made with 100% natural and pure cotton. They're also packaged beautifully in a little gift box, so you don't even have to worry! 

I know it's a bit of a miscellaneous post on my blog today however, I really hope this gives you some inspiration if you don't have children and aren't sure what to buy! Let me know if you're a mummy yourself and what you think in the comments!

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  1. I,m a mum and the sophie tether is the best thing ever for new mums great post as ways