Friday, November 28

5 Lessons I've Recently Learnt About Life.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called '10 Lessons I Recently Learnt In Love'. It was a lighthearted way of giving advice about love and you all loved reading, so thank you! That's why today, I thought I'd continue the theme and share a handful of lessons I've learnt about life in general over the last week or so. Some might be applicable to you too, others not so much, but either way I hope you enjoy reading the things that I am finally coming to terms with about life.

One ♡ You can't always please everyone.
It's hard making decisions in life, but even harder knowing that whichever option you choose, it's going to upset someone along the line. I faced this twice in the last week alone, once with my family (having divorced parents who don't talk to each other isn't always fun), and again when deciding if 'vlogmas' was for me. I sometimes beat myself up because I want to please everyone and never regret the decisions I make, but I know that if I follow my heart and gut instinct, it'll all be okay in the end, even if I don't end up pleasing everyone in the process.

Two ♡ Surround yourself with the right people.
I recently read a quote that I shared on my Instagram which said 'you deserve someone who would jump fences to be with you, not someone who is on the fence about being you' and it stuck with me for ages after. You see, why should I wait around for people (be it a guy or even 'friends') when they aren't willing to put in as much effort as I would back? Surround yourself with people who'd move mountains to be with you. I wish I told myself this more often.

Three ♡ Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift.
This is another quote I read and hold with me daily. I've recently started working in the offices for a company who own several residential children's care homes. It has opened my eyes to my own life and upbringing, how fortune I truly am. Life isn't tied with a bow, and is never going to be perfect all the time, but you've got a brilliant one, so live it and appreciate it.

Four ♡ Learn to be your own best friend.
This Christmas is the first time I've been single in five years. I've quickly learnt to adapt to single life (which is absolutely fine because I know it won't be forever!), but it has truly tested me to learn to love myself and my own company. It's good because it's helped me discover things I love doing but used to neglected, even if it is just a bath, netflix and a glass of rosé. As Bey says in one of my favourite songs "Me myself and I that's all I got in the end, that's what I found out, and it ain't no need to cry I took a vow that from now on I'm gonna be my own best friend."

Five ♡ Difficult times will strengthen you.
You know when life is going great and then all of sudden it feels like it's testing you? I recently had a series of events happen all within a few days which really upset me, but I now know that when you face difficult times, challenges are not sent to destroy you, they're sent to promote, increase and strengthen you. If you're reading this and having a bad week like me, remember that life has a funny way of working out, just when you start to believe it never will.

The photo of the sunset above was taken when I drove down to my favourite beach near me last weekend to clear my head, then looked up from my car and saw the sky lit with all these beautiful colours. Unreal. There's my five lessons I'm going to keep reminding myself more often, what lessons do you hold with you?


Sunday, November 23

Colorsport UK Eyes/Brow Kit & Eyeliners Review

My favourite part of my make up routine is doing my eyes. I love defining my eyebrows, adding a winged black flick and blending pretty shadows to make my green eyes pop. I've recently been trying out these lovely products for Colorsport UK, a brand available across Boots and online at Beauty And The Bunch.

Smokey Eyes & Perfect Brows Kit*
I've tried brow kits from various brands such as HD Brows, Elf, W7 and Benefit (I even wrote about them all here!), but never really stayed loyal to one. I was using MAC's Charcoal Brown eyeshadow but have to admit, the medium brown in this is a pretty incredible dupe! In fact, I've been using this over the MAC shadow and it lasts all day on my brows with the help of some MUA clear mascara. I love it so much! I've also been really enjoying the light brown as a simple matte shade all over my lid, then used the darkest black to set my liquid liner. The little brushes pop up revealing a mini mirror underneath, so although I wouldn't use this on the go, you could definitely feel confident about chucking in your handbag for touch ups! It's £16.95 but feels like high end quality to me. Really happy and would definitely recommend.

Rapid Lash-Gro vs. 24 Hour Eyeliner*
Colorsport very kindly sent me both eyeliners to find out what I thought and I have to admit, it was a pretty tough decision! In the end, the Rapid Lash-Gro won (not by much!), purely for longer lasting wearability. I also have more of a liking to brushes rather than a 'felt tip' style liner, as it gives me the ability to wipe off any excess product. Having said that, I was really impressed with how nice both products were and although I would never wear an eyeliner for 24 hours, I can safely say that both lasted all day and evening without needing any touching up. The Rapid Lash-Gro also won a few extra brownie points for me as it contains 2.5% Capixyl, an active ingredient clinically proven for lash-enhancing. It claims that in just 4-8 weeks, you'll have thicker, fuller and longer-looking lashes, ooooh. I haven't used the product look enough to confirm this yet, but either way it's still such a beautiful product that I have really been enjoyed using. 

I've also featured both products in my recent 'Get Ready With Me' video, which you can watch here to see how they apply too. Although I was gifted the products, I can honestly hand on heart say I love them, the quality is brilliant and both the brow kit and rapid lash-grow eyeliner are essentials in my make up bag.

*These products were kindly gifted to me for review purposes, whilst this post is also sponsored by Colorsport UK and Brodie & Stone International. This does not however hinder my opinion, you can read my full disclosure policy here.

Thursday, November 6

Dr. PAWPAW Tinted Peach Balm Review

Back in September, I discovered this little beauty in my goodie bag at the Olympia Beauty Show. I've been trying and testing recently and I'm finally ready to review it for you! I've been enjoying it so much that I featured it in my October Favourites on my YouTube, which you can watch here.

What does the Dr. PAWPAW Balm do?
You may have heard of the original Dr. PAWPAW balm (it's in yellow packaging!), which claims to be for lips, skin, hair and even nail cuticles! Within the range, there are two new tinted versions, a red and this peachy pink one. I was so intrigued to try it, especially as it's fragrance free and made in Britain using natural papaya (paw paw), olive oil and aloe vera oil. 

How does it feel?
The first thing I noticed is a little goes a really long way. A whole tube will last me ages! The product is quite thick but once blended, it almost melts into your skin. I tried this as a cheek blush a few times and I have to admit, I found it kind of sticky. I then tried it under foundation and it left a really lovely tint. However, I am completely in love with it as a lip tint. It leaves my dry, eczema prone lips feeling super soft, I've been reaching for it more than I thought. It's great on it's own however, I've been wearing it under my lipstick to help the colour pop even more.

Where can you buy it?
You can pick this up for £6.95 online at and across Harvey Nichols, Lloyd Pharmacies and Urban Outfitters stores.

Final thoughts?
I genuinely can't tell you just how soft my lips have been feeling. The Paw Paw/Papaya provides a rich source of vitamins to repair, moisturise and soothe and I love the slight peach colour. I'm now really tempted to get the original one for my collection!

*This post is sponsored and the product was gifted to me at a press event. This does not hinder my opinion.
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