Sakura Bournemouth | Japanese Fashion & Cocktail Masterclass!

Last night, I was very kindly invited down to the new Japanese-style Bar on Richmond Hill in Bournemouth called Sakura. Previously known as Lola Lo, Sakura opened at the end of August and I absolutely love what they've done. With contrast dark woods, light leather seating and gorgeous Japanese inspiration flowing throughout, Sakura instantly screamed stylish to me, with lots of attention to detail too!

We started the evening by learning about Japanese fashion from personal stylish Hannah Jean, also behind the website Find My Style. We discovered everything from kimonos to harajuku fashion, it was really interesting to embrace another culture, and understand a bit more behind the inspiration for Sakura too. We were then given the challenge to make origami dresses which I was absolutely terrible at, haha!

Throughout the evening of giggling and socialising, we were given the opportunity to try lots of different flavours of cocktails and shots. It is no shadow of a doubt that the superior style extents to the drinks menu, we were completely spoilt with choice! My favourite, and the one I got the opportunity to make too, was called Cherry Blossom. Priced at £7.50, it's a super tasty blend of luxardo amaretto, cherry liqueur and cranberry juice...SO GOOD! They also sell 'sake sticks' shots, £1.50 each or 6 for £6 in a range of flavours, including butterscotch, chocolate bon bon and white chocolate, mmmm!

Sakura also have bars in Manchester and Reading, and are quickly establishing themselves as a must-visit hangout, even celebrities like Michelle Keegan visit regularly! I was really impressed with the new look, and can't wait to visit again on a night out with friends. Thanks for having us guys, I had so much fun!

Ps. Massive thank you to the Sakura team & Hannah for the entertainment & drinks. To Phil Maclean for some of these photos, and JessKatie & Sarah for being such great company. Big love!


  1. Aww this looks like a fun night... makes a nice change from the usual!

    1. It really was! Cocktail making is harder than it looks, haha! xo

  2. Replies
    1. I really enjoyed it Lou, cocktail making is a great ideal to do with friends! x