Sunday, October 5

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2014 | Photos & Haul ♡

I literally love Lush Halloween & Christmas. Did you know that they've released six Halloween products and a whopping thirty seven christmas products?! Amazing!

This year, we see the return of Snow Fairy and my personal favourite, Rose Jam Shower Gel. There are loads of brand new creations to get your hands on, like the giant Baked Alaska Soap, Northern Lights bath bomb and even a Snowman Fun Kit to name just a few! Inspiration for the range has come from all over the world, including food, drinks, books, clowns and stage shows.

There are so many causes for celebration with this festive range, including the fact that all the cocoa butter and cocoa powder is Fair Trade, what a brilliant achievement! Minus the shower gels, the whole range is Self-Preserving and the soaps are made with Lush's palm free soap base, with four of them being 100% palm free!

My personal favourites this year are - Lord Of Misrule, Rose Jam Shower Gel, So White Bath Bomb and Shoot For The Stars. I'm yet to also try Sparkler, Snow Angel and Fairy Ring Soap which really excite me and I'll be picking up soon too.

In my latest video, I share all the products that I picked up, along with some returning classics and a few stories from my last year at Lush. Be sure to watch below!



  1. I had a little look at the new products yesterday, SO excited that Rose Jam is back, I'll definitely be getting that and I'm also curious about the new Yog Nog soap .... BUTTTTTT there's just one thing missing?! Where on earth is Angel's Delight :( It seems it's not coming back this year? So gutted :( It's my favourite product!

    LOVED your video, my eyes almost popped when I saw it was 20 minutes long, I settled down with a nice cuppa and enjoyed every second :)

    After your video I'm definitely trying So White (mmmm apples),

    Chloe x

    1. Hey Chloe!

      I know, Angels Delight isn't around this year! Nor is Bombardino or the Santa's Grotto bath bomb either, sad times!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed watching, thank you so much!

      YES, So White is beautiful. So much love for that bath bomb!


  2. Hey Brogan, love this review so much! Rose jam is my favourite and to be honest, I can't wait for Christmas so it is never too early to start talking about it!!


    1. Thanks Trish! I'm glad you agree it's not too early, the products are just too exciting! xx

  3. Everything looks so sparkly - I love it! Definitely going to have to buy a sparkly bath bomb for Christmas eve :) The drums look so cute too


    1. Love a bit of glitter! There's literally a bubble bar called Christmas Eve too! xx

  4. Loving all the new products myself!! <3 xx

  5. Glitter just means Christmas! Lush is the only thing I don't mind about Christmas coming early!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Your post has just made me go to Lush and buy some items! I came back with 3 of the Halloween ones, can't wait to try them out :). xx

  7. Oh my goodness, I want one of everything!! I love Lush at Christmas :)

    Emily x // EmGrace


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