The Book That Changed My Life...

I need to tell you all about this book, it's completely changed my perspective on so many aspects of my life. It's actually 11.15pm as I'm typing this; I've just spent half an hour, snuggled up in bed reading 'Who Moved My Cheese?' by Dr Spencer Johnson. I've finished it so excited, I've switched open my laptop to tell you all about it!

I actually came across this book on Wednesday at my workplace. In our head offices, we have a little 'library' full of books for staff to take, read, keep, swap and share, varying from novels to self-help type books. I'd heard and seen a few colleagues with it and was really intrigued. I had just returned from two weeks away, which my doctor has signed me off due to a high level of stress and exhaustion, and I thought it would be a great place to start.

Yesterday, I sadly handed in my four week notice to leave. I can't quite see clearly right now, I'm unhappy and I know I need to take this leap of faith. Before I read the book, the main thoughts going through my head were "What if my plan doesn't quite work?", "What if I'm not as happy?", "Maybe I should just stay where I am and hope things will change?"...

After reading the book however, I can now totally relate to the 'Cheese' story in so many aspects of my life. It has taught me that no one really wants to be a 'Hem', it's much more exciting to be a 'Haw' and that I should look at life more optimistically. There will always be my comfort zones, like a job or an relationship that I might be holding on to, that are easy to go back to but quite frankly, the old cheese won't change and will eventually just grow mould and hold me back. It helps you view change as a good thing, and that entering into the 'maze' of life isn't as bad as we first imagine.

Basically, buy the book and read it. It's simple yet effective and will only take you half an hour to read. You'll easily by able to apply it to parts of your life and see different people within the different metaphors. This post definitely isn't sponsored, I just loved the book, a lot. *Off to read One Minute Manager...*


  1. Great post! One of my fav self help book authors is Paul Arden, he mainly focuses on creativity. I recommend any of his books! I will add who moved my cheese to my reading list! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. This sounds like the sort of book that I need to be reading right now. All the best with your future plans x