Wednesday, September 24

Olympia Beauty Show 2014 | Photos & Haul ♡

Last year, I attended the Olympia Beauty Show (read here!) and at last minute on Sunday 22nd September, decided to go again! 

Olympia Beauty is essentially a trade show for beauty professionals including make up artists, nail technicians, salon owners and luckily for me, they also allow press and bloggers too. The show is a real mix of hundreds of brands showcasing the latest trends and technology, which I personally find super exciting. You can also purchase goodies at a discounted price...who doesn't love a cheeky bargain?!

I attended in the afternoon and as I predicted, it was absolutely heaving but was much nicer to shop between 4pm-6pm. I ended up purchasing some heated rolls, gel nail varnish, magnifying mirror and a few other bits which you can which in the haul video below.

The press office was really lovely this year, lots of open space to go and have a coffee. Whilst upstairs, I also particularly enjoyed 'The Business Of Beauty' show; the women were super empowering and inspired me to wake up everyday knowing that I am prepared to fail, but always strive to succeed.  

Baring in mind I was on my own, everyone was super friendly and the show itself was another huge success. Celebrating 10 years is an incredible achievement, I can't wait until the next one!

I'm also really excited about the launch of their 2015 Blogger Awards. They will coincide with the launch of the first ever beauty bloggers conference and exhibition to take place at Olympia Beauty in September 2015. You can count on the fact that I'll be there! Find out more on their website here.

What do you think? Do you make it to Olympia Beauty this year?



  1. Hey hun, I was invited to this, but because it was before pay day I couldn't make it! Such a shame I would of seen you there. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your haul video. xx

  2. This is the first year since I started blogging that I couldn't make this but I'll definitely be there next year for the bloggers thing!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  3. Ah I wish I could have gone to this! I had tickets but I went on a family weekend in Cornwall! Definitely be there next year :)


  4. I'm definitely going to have to go to the next one! And I totally get what you mean when you say imats is overpriced.. especially when this is free! easy decision

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