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If I could live in only two pairs of shoes, flip flops in the summer and UGG Boots in the winter (absolutely no shame), I'd be pretty happy. I wear flip flops with dress, skirts and even jeans, they're the simplest pair of shoes to own and I love them so much. I literally live right by the beach and spend 75% of my time there from April-October, so as I'm sure you can imagine, I've tried multiple pairs of brands including Jack Wills, Gandys, Havaianas, Crocs, Hollister and even Betula's from Birkenstock. The moment I tried flopZ however, I knew they weren't quite like ordinary flip flops. I LOVE THEM. A lot. 
FlopZ have a special flopZgel that covers the insole, and what I can only describe as a massaging-like texture. When I opened the parcel, my mum first said "Oooh, they look like water droplets, that's ingenious!", and we were even more curious to how they'd feel on. However, I can honestly say they're super comfy and to my surprise, really sturdy too! Because the material is clear, the pretty pattern underneath doesn't fade, meaning I'll get great use out of them because they'll last me ages without needing replacing as quickly as standard flip flops. The 'straps' are also made of a nice material which doesn't rub or give me blisters, which is a big bonus too. In terms of colours and designs, there's loads to choose from and most are pretty uni-sex too. I was spoilt for choice and very close to getting ones with glitter, but went for the 'Siam Flip Flops with Silver Straps'* and white outsole from the Coral Collection, as I thought they'd go with loads of different outfits.

As they also come with their own handy bag protector, these are great for holidays, spa days, beach trips, after a pedicure and even for storing away during those colder months when you might not be wearing them as much. 

Although summer has started to fade away (boooo!), I'll definitely be taking these on my next holiday. I've been wearing them whenever I can over the last month and I can safely say I'd highly recommend them. Thanks flopZ for giving me this opportunity, I'm going to be purchasing these for friends and family now too, they're brilliant!

*I was kindly sent these for review purposes however, this does not hinder my opinion, they're honestly brilliant!

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  1. Ahhh, i'm exactly the same! Live in flipflops in the summer and wear them around the house, and wear ugg boots in the winter as they're so warm and comfortable. These flip flops looks really comfy too. Will have to check them out.

    Lizzy at Nomad Notebook